Soulbyte for Thursday June 30, 2016

Hearts are hardening, closing, spreading the news of hatred, bigotry, separatism, speaking of fear and worry. Where are the softening hearts, the good and gentle hearts, the quiet beautiful hearts? They are on the path of good, calmly making their way to all that is right. And yet, are they too quiet, too soft, too understated? Let the good heart within become bolder now. The world needs it. Let your path of heart be known. It’s time now for the loving heart to step in and speak up more loudly. Let love be the guiding force. It’s all you need.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Why So Long, Mother?

[I will be going into retreat for the next few weeks, so this is my last blog until the week of July 18, 2016. Enjoy it. May it bring you some new things to consider as the world situation heats up. Do look for our daily Soulbytes on the channeling page, as they will continue to be posted even during our retreat. Until we meet again.]


Old Man River... - Photo by Chuck Ketchel
Old Man River…
– Photo by Chuck Ketchel

Dejectedly, Tom Harmer muses with his shaman teacher over the stilted fate of the Columbia River, riddled with white man’s dams. Tom’s mentor laughs at his hopeless mood.

“Well, you stuck then,” he says. “But not me. Maybe all you can see is what’s wrong. What bad things are happenin’ to the earth, to all of us. Maybe just stuck on that, what you don’t want to see happenin’, eh?”

“What’s the alternative?” Tom asks. “They seem to be the ones who have the power, like nothin’ can stop ’em from eating up the world!”

“The big river, that’s alive,” the old shaman says. “The river, that’s forever… Those dams, they not gonna last. The river is old, old as time, and will run free again someday… And so, that dam not make me bad in the heart, not make me feel hopeless. See, to hold the river in my heart, that dam not have any power over me.”

The question does arise, however, as to why all-powerful living Mother Earth, the feminine side of God, waits so long? Why so much pollution, destruction, and desecration before you act, Mother? Yes, the river will run free again one day but upon a vastly changed body. Those of us who really care are drawn to pity for you, for your victim body. We, like Tom Harmer, are drawn by powerlessness and hopelessness as the fires rage and the ices melt. How do we not see you as a defenseless victim, Mother? How do we stop blaming ourselves for allowing your demise?

Perhaps we do well to remember the Garden. Wasn’t it your incarnations, the snake and Eve, who instigated breaking away from your natural instinctive self? Wasn’t it your move that threw us into this desert of discontent, Mother? For the truth is that your move threw us into our mental body, freed us to tinker with your body, to bring to consciousness your secrets, all of which have led us to a Frankensteinian restructuring of your body.

The spiritualists contend that you intended to raise the vibration of your dark planet, Mother, that you invited in spirit beings to merge with your flesh and raise its consciousness to new heights. Don Juan Matus and his shamanic line see humans as those spirit beings, wings clipped, merged into the material human animal, the stuff of  your substance.

Human identity confusion and the desecration of the Earth have escalated, reflecting the severe animal body/energy body split of the human race. Many humans have exercised their mental prowess and freedom to exploit the material world, and each other, for their own exaggerated human pleasure. This was an inevitable permutation of freedom. This is where we find ourselves now, at the highest level of exploitation, clearly a state too unbalanced for your body to bear, Mother.

On the other hand, those who have found their way to some form of recapitulation are gaining access to the fuller truths of who they are, energy/spirit beings temporarily inhabiting finite material bodies. This realization of our dual nature both frees the fuller potential of who we are, as well as elevates our human lives from mere inhabitants of your body, Mother. As spirit beings we cannot help but appreciate the energetic interconnectedness of all life. We cannot but move beyond greed to a governance of truth.

There is no doubt that this quantum leap of consciousness will reshape our relation to your body, as well as your body itself, Mother. We are in the midst of cataclysmic reshaping as we speak. All of our actions are the stuff of your pregnancy, of your transformation.

So, ultimately, it would seem, Mother, that you are the ultimate trickster, primed to evolve us forward. In true form of the total passivity and receptivity of yin, your magnetic draw of our spirited yang has resulted in the quantum leap we are all taking right now. It is a most chaotic birthing, yet we do well to not attach too much to the rapidly shifting psychotic underbelly of our time.

Like the old alchemist with his retort, you, Mother Earth, now contain in your womb all the charged elements needed to complete your transformation into your new golden world, Columbia River restored to its full grandeur!

We’ve waited so long,


Excerpts from: What I’ve Always Known by Tom Harmer

Soulbyte for Wednesday June 29, 2016

Moon and stars at night, sun and clouds at day, rivers and oceans the world round are the beauties of the outer world. Light and dark, thoughts and emotions, feelings brewing terrible and great are the beauties of the inner world, equal to or greater than that of the outer world if you care to find them so. You are born to contain a world within and walk your days in the world without. To walk in harmony, within and without, is the human’s goal, to let the natural light in, to flow with the waters of life, to be present in the beauties of the night as well as the day, to be at peace within and without, heart and mind in synch. Find your footing, find your peace in knowing that you belong, every step of your journey profound and great, every new day and every new night an opportunity to gain, within and without. The world is wild and beautiful and so are you!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday June 28, 2016

The heart knows its own doings, its knowledge, wisdom, and truth coming from a higher place. Though the heart is the organ that beats the earthly rhythms of life it is also the organ that is connected to the highest realm of consciousness, the mediator between body and spirit. Listen to it more often, follow its steady beat, for it is your very own link to your highest self, to life and beyond life, to now and forever, to all that is and all that will be. Your heart beats the truth of you, of your humanness and your divineness. Let its beat guide you to humble acceptance and to highest regard for all that you are, a loving being with heart!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne