Soulbyte for Tuesday March 3, 2015

How will today compare to yesterday? It is a new day, and yet it is a continuation of life. Everything that happened yesterday still holds value as it guides you into today. Do not forget where you have been, but do not stay behind, stuck in an old place, while life moves forward. Take your lessons into a new day. Turn them over and look at them in a new light. In the freshness of a new dawn notice how different they appear, as if they have suddenly transformed during the night.

Everything changes. Even problems have the capacity to offer you new guidance as you investigate them with new eyes and breathe new life into them. Life is fluid. Stagnancy is only a state of mind. And yet in stagnancy, like in a new day, come the jewels of progress if you care to look upon them as such. Today glistens with promise. Do you see?

Soulbyte for Monday March 2, 2015

Why do things happen to us? What are the meanings of the events of our lives? They are our soul’s attempts to guide us and alert us to our journey’s unfolding. Though often taken in a negative manner they are meant to teach us and move us along on our journeys. When our soul comes calling it is to wake us up to the real issues that confront us.

And how does the soul call? In a myriad of ways. For no two people will the soul call in the same manner, yet the call of the soul is undeniable. Even if we do not hear it or if we do not take it as such, our soul’s call will jolt us, get our attention, frighten us, or even overjoy us. The methods of the soul are as varied as people in the world and yet the intent of the soul is always the same: to aid us on our evolving journey through our time on earth and into what waits beyond.

To heed the call of the soul is to take responsibility for one’s own journey, to be a mature being of skill and daring, equal to the test being presented, ready for life’s fulfillment. If one does not heed the call of the soul, one is equally gifted and equally guided. Though the journey will be quite different the final destination is the same. The choice is how do you wish to journey? As a soul mate, aware of your partner, or as a solitary being seeking always the soul mate who walks beside you every moment of your life? How you choose to live your life is up to you. Awake or asleep, the dream is the same.

Soulbyte for Sunday March 1, 2015

Why are you so afraid of your spiritual self, your higher self who loves you so much? Why do you look for it outside of you in another being when it is right inside you? Why do you long so deeply but not notice that your search was over before you began?

If you seek your soul mate in another you will never be satisfied. You may find compatibility, but you will never find true love until you love your true self and all that it wishes to reveal to you. If you are to fully live in happiness and joy, ask your true love, your higher self, to come and show you the way. And then acquiesce, without fear, to the guidance of this angel within you, for it will not leave you stranded but abide with you all of your days.

Ask and you shall receive. In humility, surrender your ego so that your spirit may speak. In its envelopment find your true love, your loving self, and your soul mate. Then will your happiness in life be assured and your true partner be revealed, within and without.