Soulbyte for Tuesday March 24, 2015

The time has come to make a decision. The energy of now is fully ready and supportive. A warrior reads the energy and knows when it is time to make a move. Once a decision is made a warrior moves quickly and without regret. Until the time is right a warrior waits patiently, remains contained and restrained, but when the right time arrives a warrior does not hold back. When the time is right a warrior moves quickly and decisively. A warrior knows that to move against the energy is futile and so a warrior’s decision is based on timing, preparation, and energy amassed, for a warrior knows that to accomplish anything energy is needed.

Soulbyte for Monday March 23, 2015

Calmness of body results from a quiet mind. A warrior knows this and so the first duty of a warrior is to the mind, to understanding it, to knowing it fully, to knowing what is “flyer’s mind” and what is true mind. Flyers seek entry into minds of humankind. They plant themselves and feed off the machinations of a mind overtaken by thoughts, all kinds of thoughts, good, bad and indifferent. A warrior seeks empty mind, a mind free of flyers and the thoughts that feed them. Only then does a warrior understand that peace of mind leads to a calm and peaceful body. And so a warrior seeks calmness first by first stilling the mind. After that, all else is possible.

Soulbyte for Sunday March 22, 2015

A warrior knows that life is a dream and that everything is meaningful, and yet a warrior also knows that to attach, even to that which is meaningful, creates a problem. And so, a warrior takes only what is necessary from meaningful situations, meaningful insights, and meaningful encounters and moves on. A warrior is always focused on the intent of spirit to experience, detach, and gain and maintain energy for the ultimate journey. For that is the true goal of the warrior, to amass as much energy as possible while in human physical form so that the day of transition into new life, into a new dream, may be without regret.

A warrior seeks knowledge of self and understanding of what it means to be an energetic being capable of controlling the machinations of the mind and the desires of the physical self, capable of using energy wisely so that enough love, kindness, and compassion may be always available for others, while simultaneously channeled forward toward the ultimate goal of life, which is understanding and experiencing the dream of life as an energetic being so that a new energetic dream reality may be achieved upon completion of life on earth.

Soulbyte for Saturday March 21, 2015

A warrior knows that everything is contained within the self. A warrior knows that to access the energy of self to the fullest is a process of breaking down the walls that block that energy, destroying the foundations that have been constructed during a lifetime of socializations, judgments, fears, doubts, beliefs, and misinterpretations of reality and life’s experiences.

A warrior knows that to look in the mirror with fully open eyes is to face the false self that has evolved through a lifetime of untruths and false realizations. A warrior knows that the only way to understand true reality is to first destroy the old one and create a new one based on a system that says everything is energy.

And so, a warrior slowly and calmly goes about dismantling the self and the world as they appear, creating a new self and a new world. And then, when a warrior looks in the mirror, a warrior sees nothing except the energy of self and the world as it truly is, a new reality without constraints. Only then is a warrior free to be.