#688 Predictions from 2006

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Over the past few days some of Jeanne’s early messages about man’s use and misuse of the earth have been coming to mind as we have watched the antics taking place in the Gulf of Mexico around BP’s almost comical efforts to stop the oil flow. I went back into my journals, to unpublished channeled messages, and found a couple of instances where Jeanne warns of Mother Earth reacting to the greed of mankind. Here are a few excerpts from those messages:

From September 6, 2006 she writes: There are events happening within governments right now that will create havoc and they will be partners in disgrace, and disappointment will be rampant as the plans become realities. In enacting devastation there will be a great loss of life and many will wonder in dazed thought how such a thing could happen. But little will they realize that it is necessary. This is a chilling concept that will be refused. But the truth of the matter is that with great destruction comes great change, both internally and externally, and this is what life on earth now needs. Change is the only motivation at this point.

She goes on to say that human error will cause great harm and loss of life. Then upon such devastation will fall natural consequences, she says, that will further precipitate the changes that will be unbelievable in scope, but in the end will reap rewards. I know this sounds terrible and tragic and to many it will be the final end upon that earth, but for many it will signal definite and final growth, the opposite of final end.

She goes on to say: Even as I send these messages so do I also send messages of hope, for that is how it will be. There will be change and there will, as a result, be further change. It is inevitable.

From September 13, 2006 Jeanne says: Mother Nature revolts… There will be a time of destruction, partly man’s fault, partly instigated by the reaction of the earth to that which man has promulgated upon her surface. This will lead to a calming down of all tensions upon that earth and a forced new world will be in order.

Later in the same channeling she says: There are no accidents. The way things are now going upon that earth are not accidents — this is certain. All is connected.

I end with an excerpt from a message channeled on November 17, 2006: This planet is in an uproar. Do not doubt me on this, for there are now many signs of this, and the destruction that man has created is causing anger and his rule will soon be toppled and he will no longer reside as king upon that earth. For now does Mother Nature seek back her throne from the imposters who do not respect either her or their fellow men.

#687 Chuck’s Place: Deeds of Denial & Indulgence

“Denying oneself is an indulgence. The indulgence of denying is by far the worst; it forces us to believe that we are doing great things, when in effect we are only fixed within ourselves.”

In this quote from A Separate Reality, Carlos Castaneda unmasks the self-importance of self-denial. On the one hand, Americans overindulge and, on the other hand, have a puritanical guilt complex about it. What Carlos is challenging is the self-definition of becoming valuable because we begin a collection, a new inventory of deeds of denial and feel good about ourselves accordingly.

Certainly, the inability to discipline the self comes with a huge price. On the other hand, disciplining the self and accomplishing great deeds also comes with a huge price, the illusion of permanence. The challenge is to avoid becoming a collector of anything, huge deeds or huge misdeeds, indulgence or denial.

Self-importance appears with many faces, asceticism and worldly accumulation are but two. Beware as well of the middle way: if you find pride in your attachment to balance, once again self-importance has found its way into your self-definition. Better to indulge, to break the accumulation of days of pride in having achieved the better way. ‘Tis better to pick up after a year of sobriety and restart the steps than to indulge in thirty self-important years of dryness and rage.

Break all the rules. But beware not to get attached to the self-importance of being a rule breaker. If you fall into that trap, better to become consistent and disciplined to erase any attachment to the self-importance of the maverick. Self-definitions are rigid and fixed and make us appear to “be something.” Better to be nothing and everything, as fits the situation. This is fluidity, the ideal place to be. Of course, it’s possible to get caught in the self-importance of being fluid! In that case, it might be important to become rigid and unrelenting, to break the spell of unwittingly becoming fixed within as a superior fluid being.

I close today with another quote, from the Tao Te Ching:

“To hold things and be proud of them is not as good as not to have them,
Because if one insists on an extreme, that extreme will not dwell long.
When a room is full of precious things, one will never be able to preserve them.
When one is wealthy, high ranking, and proud of himself, he invites misfortune.
When one’s task is completed and his mission is fulfilled, he removes himself from his position.
This is indeed the way of Nature!”

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Until we meet again,

NOTE: The quotes above come from The Wheel of Time by Carlos Castaneda, p. 53 and Tao: A New Way of Thinking by Chang Chung-yuan, p. 25.

A Day in a Life: INTENT—The Ninth Step

Hello everyone! Today I am keeping this super short.

On the night of November 1, 2009 I dreamed again with the women seers of don Juan’s line. As I mentioned in last week’s blog I recognize them by their energy. How do I know it really is them? That I can’t tell you, I just know it is. As soon as I put that little heavy dreaming pillow on my body I go into dreaming. I don’t know how this works either, but it does, immediately, so I am careful in how I approach it. I take it very seriously, and when I elect to place that pillow over my abdomen I know I must to be prepared to take a journey. Sometimes I am eager to take those journeys and other times I just want to sleep. The last time I used the dreaming pillow, a week ago, I stepped down into blackness, as I mentioned, and I haven’t gotten up the nerve to go back again — yet. But I will. And I’ll let you know what happens when I do, but for now I pass along the ninth step in developing a shamanic practice. Here is what I learned from the women seers and what I wrote in my nighttime dreaming handwriting on that November night last fall:

Use your intent to grow.
Learn by your mistakes.
Intent will find you

Of course, I have been using my intent to connect with the women seers. So, as I also mentioned before, it really does work, if, as the seers say, it is unbending intent. So, I leave you today with a reminder that Chuck is fond of saying, and brings in last week’s step of no attachments: Set your intent; send it off; don’t attach to the outcome. And then, see what happens!

Thanks for reading!

#686: The Way of the Truthful Warrior: I wish to live! I wish to grow! I wish to be a fully functioning, aware, changing being!

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Today is Monday, the day I ask you for guidance for all your readers, those who have found you via the Internet or through other connections, and those who once knew you in this world. What would you like to talk about today?

I am inclined to discuss the world situation. Though I know many of you seek personal guidance, do not turn from what I say, for it will be personally relevant, that I guarantee!

In this time upon that earth great forces are at work. You may already be aware of many such forces, for you know and see much that is happening around you, but be assured that there are other unseen forces that partake in “the world of change” that is now where you reside.

It is not by happenstance or coincidence that you are there upon that earth at this time. That is what you must always strive to discover about the self. Why am I here? What is my purpose? Each one of you has a meaningful existence. At times, you may feel full of despair, full of sorrow or sadness, full of depression and even self-pity, but I ask that you always stay connected to the fact that you belong there for a reason. So, that being said, what is your reason for being there?

I turn again to the conditions that exist in that world, your world. I ask that each one of you take full responsibility for the current climactic, economic, and global political situations. I ask that you each decide that you, being an important member of the world community, resolve to also have an active part in changing that world. Those of you who are of like mind, like inner mind, use your energy now for greater change. You can change the world.

This is not an inflated statement meant to perk you up in an idealized fashion. This is the truth of what I speak of today. As far gone as you may think your world is, as I have said, there are other forces at work to correct it. These forces of good are the ones you must now energetically seek. Once you understand what they are and how they operate, you will find yourself more fully in tune with them. Once you distinguish what it means to be truthful, to be utterly aware of truth as it is spoken and utilized, you will find that your own connections to it will be more open.

The way of the truthful warrior must now become your own. This will lead you to greater self-discovery and greater attunement with the forces of good energy that abound, seeking to reconnect such energy upon that earth. With a simple shift and twist of awareness, of how you elect to view the world — your outer environment and your inner environment — you may begin to prepare yourself for this new path of connection. In asking the self to partake in life more fully, as an aware being of spirit and connection to energy, you will allow yourself to be ready for understanding and finding out what it means to be connected on an energetic level. The more you allow for such connection, the greater the flow of such energy toward you.

I ask that you do not despair at the conditions of the world you live in, My Dears, but that you commit to energetic responsibility and responsiveness to them, and to all that arises as a result of your personal life.

There are many forces that seek to hold the veils over your eyes, to keep your status closed and unaware, to keep you complacent and dark. Those forces are always present. You will not make them disappear, but you can push them aside. You can find the voice of self, within the self, and allow it to say: Enough of this darkness and confusion! I wish to live! I wish to grow! I wish to be a fully functioning, aware, changing being!

Those are words of enlightenment and hope to your inner spirit self. They may be the first words that allow you to shift, so that your personal view of the world broaden and opens up to the horizon where all possibility lies. Do you dare to part the veils that keep you from really seeing what you must? Do you dare to give the self its true purpose, allowing it to come forth? Do you dare to keep going forward, breaking through the barriers, no matter what? That is how you will change the self, and the world.

The world will not disappear, but it will change. Do you want it to change with you in greater despair? Or do you want it to change with you in greater truth, enlightening awareness, and in energetic discoveries that are now but like small buds upon the trees, waiting to be forced open by the energy of the light? Are you ready for that energy, too? It really is your decision.

In conclusion, I suggest that you keep in mind that life and energy are always present. Sometimes they just need a little boost. A little light shining through the darkness may be enough to get them shifting and moving out of the place that holds them still. Is this all that you need? Think about it, but better yet, shift a little.

Do something differently today. And then see what happens!

#685 Chuck’s Place: Boroughs & Bridges to the Truth

America eagerly awaits its new Idol: Will it be Crystal; will it be Lee? The Tea Partyers eagerly await the opportunity to “throw the bums out” in the midterm elections. We breathe easier because the solid Admiral of the Coast Guard is overseeing BP. Natural gas companies are seizing the moment; offering the “safe” alternative to oil. After all, they blast 7,000 feet beneath the earth’s surface; how could that possibly effect the drinking water, or the cows pasturing on the farms above? Meanwhile, somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, one mile (5280 feet) beneath the earth, the oil continues to flow, unabated. Fortunately, we are “right on schedule” for a final capping off of the pipe, some time in August. There is evidence now that the oil has caught the current and is showing up on the coast of Florida, the same current that flows up the eastern seaboard. Naturally, specimens are being “properly analyzed” to verify their point of origin. Thank God for science!

From a different perspective, I view this broadening, enveloping nigredo, as black gold, perhaps the real next American Idol; the one we will learn to appreciate the most. The tragedy to the seas, to the habitats of many, including our own, is now threatened at an unstoppable pace. Nature itself has taken over now, demanding that we embrace the truth. It is downright heartbreaking to see the amount of destruction to innocent sea life. The entire food chain will be poisoned as a result of this catastrophe and the impact will be felt by all living things. It is evident that the human race, left to its own devices, refuses to face the truth of its destructive behavior to the planet. I call the nigredo “black gold” because it represents, through the magnitude of its destruction, our path to redemption. It is not just a “good” thing that we check our greed, become humble, and assume responsibility for maintaining balance in this world; it is the only means of survival. It is not about convincing anyone or overpowering resistance. Nature has lost her patience; if we don’t capitulate, we perish.

The water, from which we are all born, which sustains all life, will now poison life, until we face the error of our ways and change our gluttonous attitudes toward the planet. But do not despair! Change is on the horizon. No longer must we sit idly by in powerlessness as the forces of greed dominate the show. Nature is on board now, in a big way. Stay aligned with the truth, your inner truth, and join your intent with this evolutionary process, facing and embracing all our planetary truths, which are, from an energetic perspective, “right on schedule.”

Keeping with the themes of water and nature, I turn now more personal, to dreams from my life around the Isle of Manhattan.

In countless dreams, I am lost in the Bronx searching for the bridge to Manhattan. Eventually, I find the bridge. However, it is generally at various stages of disrepair, or under construction, or being dangerously flooded with enormous waves crashing over it as it sways in the wind. Sometimes, I am lost in Brooklyn, unsure of the direction to Manhattan or which subway to take. Occasionally, the current is calm and I can swim across the river.

My psyche, the self, the spinner of dreams, has chosen New York City, with all of its boroughs and bridges, to show me both the fragmentation within my psyche, the location of untapped resources or possibilities, and the status of my ability to both tap into and integrate them.

Psychic fragmentation is often caused by traumatic experiences where parts of the self are cut off from the mainstream conscious self and forced to exist in unknown isolated islands, like, let’s say, Staten Island. Who even knows anything about Staten Island, or conceives of it as being part of New York City? So forgotten are they, complain Staten Islanders, that they have even considered secession from the union of New York City.

Psychic fragmentation can also be the result of socialization, where unacceptable parts of the self are repressed, never allowed access to conscious life; in the place Jung called the shadow. Perhaps these parts are stored in another borough of New York City, such as in Brooklyn or the Bronx.

Finally, there are parts of the self that have simply yet to emerge, yet to be activated, yet to be discovered in life. These resources may also be stored in the outlying boroughs, perhaps in Queens, a royal borough.

The process of individuation is the challenge to gain access to, to claim and integrate, all the boroughs of the self into a conscious unified whole. Integration requires a network of connections that allow easy access to all the boroughs, hence the significance of the condition of the bridges in my dreams. Psychotherapy is the process of building solid bridges to all parts of the self.

The seers of don Juan’s line introduced the process of recapitulation, of reliving one’s life, in order to reclaim all vital energy lost to prior experiences, or that which is lodged in the outlying boroughs. Furthermore, they introduced learning to shift the assemblage point, what they call our major point of awareness, to different positions within our energetic selves to access the fuller possibilities of our innate potential. Their techniques to create this shift are:

1. recapitulation, where we volitionally shift the assemblage point to a different place of awareness, that of forgotten or repressed aspects of life experiences;

2. dreaming, where the assemblage point loosens as the conscious ego relaxes its hold on our point of awareness;

3. stalking, where we shift the assemblage point through volitionally interrupting our habitual patterns by acting-as-if, or by practicing not-doings; and

4. intent, where we access the power of intent to shift our point of awareness simply through intending it.

Both psychotherapy and the practices of the seers offer tools to individuate and actualize the full potential of the self. But remember, union requires open bridges to all boroughs, access to all parts of the self. It requires truthfulness and clarity, without deception or hidden agendas; no cover-ups or idolizations, no capping off of any parts of the self that are spewing black gold until you get the message and take appropriate action. In order to stand in the fullness of self, we must allow nature itself to take over, inner and outer, integrating it with what we already know about the self. The natural flow of events and consequences in our lives, even the nigredo, are integral to this evolutionary process.

If you wish to correspond, please feel free to post a comment below.

Until we meet again,