A Day in a Life: Going Beyond the Ego

Last fall, on the night of October 23, 2009, I asked the women shamans to give me guidance once again while dreaming. I placed the dreaming pillow on my lower abdomen, over the area of the uterus, and asked them to come to me in the night. “I would like to know the next step in learning to become a shaman,” I intended, as I went to sleep. When I woke in the morning I saw that I had written, in big cryptic dream writing, having successfully roused myself out of deep dreaming enough to pick up my pen, the following sentence: My own need to resolve must guide me to redemption beyond the self.

Upon awakening the next morning, I wrote this in my journal:

After I wrote that in the middle of the night I lay back down and thought: Oh, dissolution of ego self is the next step; resolution of all deeper issues related to the ego. Once again I wrote in a half-awake state, but this time there was no inner battle, no laziness. I simply said: Write this down, and I reached for my book, sat up, wrote it and then lay back down without the usual thoughts that of course I would remember it. This step is the recapitulation step. In recapitulating all inner issues all ego resolves as well, because during recapitulation the ego is dismantled. Redemption, true redemption, is completely ego-free. It is a spiritual state of being, of nothingness. Redemption lies beyond all earthly attachments, ego or otherwise, revolving around the self as special or important. To resolve all needs of self is really an inner desire to evolve. In recapitulation one is confronted with what the inner needs are, with what needs to be resolved. The challenge is to release the self to take the recapitulation journey. Getting beyond the self, both the inner needs and outer needs and desires, etc., to a place of utter calm detachment from self is redemption; it is freedom. (End of journal entry.)

Once again, I am struck by the synchronicity of this blog with what Chuck wrote about on Saturday regarding the warrior’s ultimate challenge, which is to lose self-importance. If we stay within the teachings of the shamanic world we are constantly confronted with this idea that, although we are taught to live our lives a certain way by everyone we encounter as we grow and mature into adulthood, once we get there we are often at a loss for what to do with our lives. It was not until I began the deeply challenging process of recapitulation that I began to decide that who I was really was totally up to me to determine. Until then I had lived within a code of acceptable behaviors, pursuing a life that I thought was right, by someone else’s standards, though at the same time I fought deeply within myself over this capitulation, telling myself that I was different, special, talented, creative, any number of attributes and qualities to keep my ego happy. However, once I entered the shaman’s world, under Chuck’s tutelage, everything changed. I began to see the world from a different perspective, but the funny thing was that I also immediately recognized it; it was somehow familiar. When Chuck talks and writes of the shamans he is referring to the shamans of Carlos Castaneda’s line. In the early seventies, when I first read Castaneda’s three early books, I had the same sense of familiarity with the experiences and worlds he entered, though I could not call up from my deeply buried unconscious what that meant. I knew I was not ready for it, though I had an inkling that someday I would come back to it in some form. Now I have been privileged to experience recapitulation and, as Chuck writes about the world of the warriors shattering as they leave their human form, I too have experienced that shattering. In the process of recapitulation, our own world, as we know it, is shattered.

I have also learned that the recapitulation process is a lifelong process, but, once willingly engaged in, it becomes fascinating. At least that has been my experience. Now, having already shifted my perspective on how I view and react to the world, I recall and relive events from my past with a different attitude, more detached and curious than frightened or ashamed. I would not have been able to achieve this had I not accepted the appointment with my unconscious and unrelenting inner self who, after fifty years of trying to tell me that I had to do an inner journey, was finally paid attention to. And what made me finally pay attention? Well, a lot of things, but mostly it was the restlessness that constantly drove me to seek change, to move, to do something, anything, to calm the unrelenting sense that there was something deeply wrong. Finally the restlessness broke through and I couldn’t stop it this time. I knew I couldn’t uproot my family and make one more drastic move. I knew that this time I alone had to change. I alone had to tackle what it was that would not leave me in peace. This was about me, I finally realized, no one else, and I had to have the courage to face myself. I alone had to enter into my hidden self and ask all the questions that needed to be asked, and to allow the answers to come from deep inside me, pushing aside the normal judgments and the flippant remarks that had sufficed up until then.

When I began my inner journey I didn’t even know what a journey was, much less what a recapitulation was. I knew what a life journey was, but I didn’t know what an inner journey, a spiritual journey was, though I had lived a deeply introverted, creative life. I didn’t really know what a shaman was, either. I was curious about all those words that held such mystery, but the true meaning of them was not to come easy. Until I took the journey that my unconscious self had been pushing me toward nothing would make sense in a real way. Everything would remain as illusive as the works of Castaneda until I elected to go beyond the world as I had always viewed it and lived it and decided to go on an adventure of a lifetime.

Thanks for listening to my dreaming and awake experiences. I offer my process, without attachment, I think, purely as an example of what can happen once the decision is made to go in a different direction. At one time, I was one of the most fearful people you could ever have met, appearing quite calm and advanced on the outside, aloof and flowing when comfortable, but utterly terrified on the inside, always aware that the world was not to be trusted, not safe. Facing my fears was quite a process. I know many who are in the midst of charting their way through their own fears now, and I know it is difficult, but I also know that at each step the burden lightens, the fears fall away, the judgments dissipate. Each step of the past and of the journey, the old one and the new one, become understood as totally valid and necessary. Each step is freeing. Each step leads to redemption of self, from attachment to ego. But the first step must, as the women shamans told me in my dream last fall, come from the inner need to resolve the issues of the self. That is the impetus that must finally be invited in to dismantle the old structures that uphold the old self, the old world, the human form that does not really want to live that way any more.

Until next week. Keep dreaming with intent!

#678 Seeds of Awareness

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

My Dear Ones, do not forget that you are the changing ones. You are the ones who have the ability to sway from the path, to choose a different route, to make new decisions outside of the natural flow of life. As nature goes so does man go is not truly meant to be how it goes. Yes, nature is what man must pay attention to in order to learn what it means to be an evolving being, but nature, in its repetitiveness, is but one teacher. The other teacher lies deeply buried inside each one of you, and that teacher is the desire of the self for new life, for new adventures, for something unknown.

Though you may often fear change, it is also the emergence of desire that creates fear. For fear would not arise is you were not being challenged to go beyond the comfortable self, the self who flows with the world as you interpret it. Today, I suggest that another energy lies deeply buried inside each of you that is different from the energy of nature as you see it and know it outside of you. As living energy you hold within something else that is not replicated in the world you see before your eyes. In the world that you see there is a limitation of process, though that world offers you the lessons in repetition that are necessary for understanding evolution, reincarnation, and growth.

You see, what I speak of today is that other aspect of man that allows for growth beyond what is presented. Each one of you has within the seeds of awareness and this is what I speak of as the catalyst for change. Your seeds of awareness lie buried until you dig them out of their bed of darkness by your intent; until you expose them to the light and urge them, with tenderness and prodding, to awaken and reach toward the light.

During your lifetime you are offered many tools that will provide the means of excavation and awakening. If you return to the world around you, living the repetitive life, turning outward for your examples of how to awaken, seeing only what is before your eyes, you will miss the true seeds of awareness within. Even nature has these properties of deep inner awareness, though you see only that which reappears in the cycle of life on the outside. Your human eyes take in only what lies before you, but your eyes of awareness see far more.

Your seeds of awareness must now become your new eyes of seeing. In order to evolve, a new process of growth must become your means of living. I ask that you break through your darkness, past the fear that arises to keep you conformed, and allow what lies beneath your fear to emerge and access the light of new energy. Your seeds of awareness may be very well known to you or they may be completely unknown. Perhaps you have glimpsed them, the urgings at your core, at your heart, and your deepest desires. Perhaps you have never noticed them as such, but something inside you tells you they exist. You are all creatures of nature, of the natural world, the natural process of birth and death, as you see it played out before you in nature and in the human physical living and dying cycles. But there is so much more that is being missed.

I know that even the word fear presents more fear. Everyone is afraid. But fear is the catalyst to change. If you can face your fears as they arise, question them, break through them to what is lying beneath them, the negative fears will turn to positive energy and your seeds of awareness will begin to sprout. Fear is the recapitulation companion waiting to take you on your inner journey. If you can begin to see fear as your greatest ally, your new journey beyond repetition, to access the self as energy, will begin.

You see, your seeds of awareness are the energy body, the self as comprised of energy alone, without physical composition and form, completely free. But fear must be burst apart for true energy to be accessed and released. Fear blocks access, as the dark earth blocks the seed from the light. How then does the seed emerge each spring from the dark earth? Sheer energy! And that is what you also have inside you, the sheer energy of life to continually re-emerge, to re-challenge itself to face the darkness, to burst through the fear and reach toward the light. That is the metaphor that nature offers each one of you.

Access your seeds of awareness by going into the inner darkness and bring forth into your lives your most precious selves, your energy selves. Allow your true energy to explore the world around you and you might begin to experience it differently. Life is meant to be challenging in order for you to wake up one day and determine that, yes, there must be more to life than that which I see before my eyes. And what is that for you? What are you missing?

The seeds of awareness are golden seeds. Keep that in mind as you seek them. They hold the light you will need as you make the journey into your darkness. They are awareness itself. They are energy and truth. They are you.

#677 Chuck’s Place: Losing the Human Form

This past week I found myself contemplating evil. Two weeks ago I explored the role of evil in the shaman’s world as a necessary encounter that advances seekers on their evolutionary journeys. Last week I delved into evil from a strictly human perspective, exploring the role of evil in the collective psyche of the human race. I am continually drawn back to the shaman’s world where I find the tools and pragmatism of their discoveries most helpful in dealing with the affairs of this world in preparation for journeys in all worlds. I decided to be guided by synchronicity for this blog today and opened The Wheel of Time to the following quote taken from Carlos Castaneda’s The Second Ring of Power.

A warrior knows that he cannot change, and yet he makes it his business to try to change, nevertheless. The warrior is never disappointed when he fails to change. That’s the only advantage a warrior has over the average man.” (p. 166)

It’s not really that a warrior knows he cannot change; it’s more that a warrior does not attach to the outcome of his actions. In psychological terms, this represents the egoless ego. A warrior’s ego is neither willful nor inflated, but focused and pragmatic. The ego is a functional unit, not an identity. A warrior intends an outcome and acts impeccably in accordance with that intent. That is all that matters. The outcomes of actions merely present the circumstances for the next decision, the next action. Disappointment is a direct function of identification of ego, with accumulated deeds, such as merit badges or detention slips. I succeeded, I’m a success; I failed, I’m a failure: Me, Me, Me. A warrior suspends judgment. Judgment casts value upon the ego. The warrior seeks freedom from an ego identity, from judgment, from the human form.

I turn now to the opposite page in the same book for the following quote:

Warriors must be impeccable in their effort to change, in order to scare the human form and shake it away. After years of impeccability, a moment will come when the human form cannot stand it any longer and leaves. That is to say, a moment will come when the energy fields contorted by a lifetime of habit are straightened out. A warrior gets deeply affected, and can even die as a result of this straightening out of energy fields, but an impeccable warrior always survives.” (p. 167)

The human form is the unique configuration that our inherent energy is funneled into by what C. G. Jung called the archetypal patterns of the collective unconscious. The human form, from a shamanic perspective, refers to a specific interpretation of energy, not to be confused with our physical bodies. Actually, shamans have discovered that the human body, or solid reality, is an interpretation of energy. This is not all that radical, as even mainstream physics can demonstrate that, at its core, everything is energy. The shamans highlight the role of socialization to create the interpretation of energy they call the human form. The repetitive behavioral patterns we are taught from infancy by older, socialized members of the human community shape our energy into a uniform set of habitual behaviors recognizable to all humans, creating a uniform consensus reality we call Our world.

Shamans have determined that the lion’s share of our inherent energy, in the human form, is spent on habitual behaviors focused on self-importance and self-pity. In our human form we can spend a lifetime in either self-doubt or self-pity over our failures to meet expectations. We can become obsessed with self-motivation, trying to conquer the world or our own inertia to prove ourselves: to make something of our lives, to produce something to leave behind or to bask in during our golden years. We can become obsessed with becoming good, becoming great, becoming selfless, etc. All of these strivings, from a shamanic perspective, are variations of self-importance. In a nutshell, the shamans see the human form as an energetic entity completely consumed in a narcissistic bubble of self-involvement, totally incapable of fighting its way out of this self-absorption. If you stay in the human form mold you live and die in it, closed to the possibility of evolution. In Buddhist terms, your destiny is reincarnation, another opportunity to awaken to energetic reality.

The human form, in this socialized and narcissistic state, cannot be sustained without a high degree of energy being dedicated to upholding this ego-self identity. Warriors strive to store the energy usually expended on upholding this ego-self identity by interrupting the habitual behavioral patterns of self-absorption, i.e., by not attaching or becoming identified with the outcomes of their actions. The human form, denied this energetic sustenance, eventually leaves, with the result that energy is now freed for other possibilities, which naturally transcend the human form.

This shift, this abandonment by the human form is shattering. Picture the scene in The Matrix where Neo is unplugged from his habitual illusory programs, i.e., his hard drive is wiped clean and he nearly goes into shock under the impact. An impeccable warrior is well prepared for this blow, having spent a lifetime interrupting the flow of habitual patterns, using petty tyrants to free awareness from a self that requires judgment to exist, using recapitulation to free energy formerly attached to interpretations feeding self-absorption.

Energy, freed from the human form? Then what! Picture Neo, as the bullets merely bounce off him and he flows, as he no longer participates in that interpretation of reality; he has lost his human form. Let’s see what happens!

If you wish to correspond, please feel free to post a comment below.

Until we meet again,

A Day in a Life: Dream Teaching

I woke up this morning and said: “I was being taught all night long.”

“What do you mean, you were being taught?” Chuck asked.

“I was being taught something all night long in dreaming, the same thing repeatedly, but now I can’t remember what it was!” I whined. “Maybe I can call it up later, I’m pretty good at that,” I said, as I fought to hold onto what had vanished as soon as I opened my eyes. Synchronistically, this is exactly what happened last October when I was dreaming with the women shamans, asking them to teach me how to become a shaman and it is what I had been planning to write about today. So, wouldn’t you know, I had another experience to underscore the process of learning to become a shaman. Here is the experience I had last fall, as I wrote about it in my journal on October 23, 2009:

Dreaming was not as successful last night, though I asked for the next step in shamanic practice. Once again I put the dreaming pillow on my lower abdomen before I fell asleep. Whatever I got had something to do with the self, both the body self and the ego self, but it was not clear. Ironically, I fought with my body throughout the night, too lazy to sit up, reach for my notebook and write down what I was getting, clear or not.

“Write it down!” I commanded my sleeping self, but then I would argue: “It’s not clear!”

“Write it anyway!” I retaliated, but still I was too lazy to do so. I figured I would remember it, which I have failed to do, except knowing that it had something to do with the self. Perhaps it was about aligning the body self with the intent to do the work. The lazy body obviously got in my way last night. I will have to give it another go tonight and hopefully I will not have the same issue to contend with, my lazy self. Pretty interesting, I must say!

Later in the day I wrote the following:

Okay, so I get that I was confronted with my lazy self and that is my current challenge. This lazy self must be confronted in order to keep moving forward. This is the avoidant self, the reluctant self, the fearful self, but she is not as strong as she used to be. Now she is more like a slug in the way, not much energy, but still present and capable of sabotaging my progress. This sluggish self was, at one time, the depressed, traumatized self, immobilized by fear and unavailable to truly live until the trauma had been realized. In the old days, before I recapitulated, I remained caught in two worlds, never quite present in either, but now that I am awake I must remain awake and alert. The old sluggish self still tests me as she did last night while dreaming. I argued with her. Contending with this self is the third step in the practice of shamanic work, the whole physical self: the conscious mental self, the body self, the conjuring mind self, the ego self, but I see it as all related to the ingrained comforts of the physical body, the lazy self. (End of journal entry.)

My experience last night was very similar to that of last October. I still have my notebook open beside me as I sleep, a pen stuck into the page and all I have to do is lean over, pick up the pen and begin writing. I argued with myself again last night, thinking in dreaming that of course I would remember, I always remember, I’m good at that. All aspects of the physical self were present again last night, teaching me a valuable lesson; the conjuring mind, the ego self, the lazy physical self all in cahoots to show me that something else is necessary in order to truly do shamanic work, and that is: to get beyond the limitations of the physical self, which will always seek to remain dominant.

The other thing that strikes me today is that the two previous lessons that I learned in dreaming were also in play last night and in my dream of last October too. I was being shown again the workings of the two minds, the conjuring mind and the inner knowing mind that argue incessantly. I knew I should write down what I was getting on both occasions, but I could not get beyond the ego, which upheld its superiority. “Don’t worry Jan,” my ego self said, “you’ll remember!” The second lesson, the value of repetition, was also in action. In both instances I dreamed the same thing, over and over again, but since I also argued with my physical self, I failed miserably to recall what the lessons were. Once again, as I had done last October, I woke up this morning holding onto the fact that I was missing, because of my laziness, a very valuable lesson, but now I see the real lesson as being the repetitive, night-long fight between the two minds. The knowing mind was seeking to wake me up, asking me to shift out of the old lazy self and allow the new disciplined self to take over and push the ego, the conjuring mind, and the lazy physical self out of the way.

Alas! Now I understand the true value of repetition: to force a shift. But shift will only happen when we are ready; when we finally get just what it is that we are being taught or asked to do, when we have repeated the same lessons to the point of mundanity and boredom, until we say, hey, there must be more to life than just this same old stuff! And in the shamanic world the action of shifting is not an action of the conjuring mind, except in learning to know it, in understanding how it works to hold us in our old places, in our lazy body selves, in our comforts, in our egos, in our old places of trauma, until we have learned what they have been trying to wake us up to, in dreaming or in waking life. Pushing ourselves beyond the limitations of the physical, mind or otherwise, is the next step in learning to become a shaman.

Know your enemy. Know your mind, know your ego, know your limitations and then push beyond them. Wake up and remember! These are the real lessons in awareness that I have been taught by the women shamans. Whether you are interested in the shamanic world or not, awareness is the true key to evolving, in this world and in the next. Once again, this is all related to the practice of recapitulation too. The steps I have learned from the women shamans of don Juan’s line are steps in undertaking the process of fully understanding the self, because, in actuality, you have to understand and know the self in order to understand the shaman’s world and be able to maneuver in it. It is the same thing that we will be confronted with when we die. We must be prepared to maneuver in a world where we will no longer have a physical self to rely on, to blame, or to trust. No comforts of the physical will be available. Only our energy bodies will be available, and how will we fare if we do not know them?

Next week, I will bring you the fourth step in the process of shamanic work that I learned in dreaming with the dreamers. Until then, watch out for the conjuring mind! Pay attention to what the body is repeatedly attempting to say instead, as Jeanne suggests in her lessons in inner work; go deeper into the body self. Pay attention to the earthquakes within, as she mentioned in her message on Monday. The body holds more in its silent sinews than you know. And then go beyond to the energy that lives inside that lazy physical house of self and invite it to emerge from its sleepy state and enjoy a little of the energy of the spring with you!
With love and humble attempts to remain aware,

#676 Earthquakes Within

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
As I communicate with you today I am reminded that we have done this channeling more than six hundred times for our readers. Our personal communications extend far beyond even those messages, into the thousands since we began this process almost nine years ago. When I fathom that, I am absolutely amazed. I know there are many skeptics in the world, people who have no connection to spirit, within or without, or even to themselves as energy. I have never not had that kind of connection, but it has, until ten years ago, been very private, underdeveloped, often pushed aside and doubted, often felt as troubling, frightening or too vague to understand clearly. Now, through my work with you and Chuck, and on myself, I have elected to pay attention, to accept the challenges that arise, to better understand the meaningfulness of everything that has occurred and continues to occur in my life as part of my personal evolutionary process. As a result I have been able to slowly change, to accept that I am a different person and to push to become that new person in the world. This is what I wish for everyone, but I know that is naive, that it is very difficult for people to embrace the hidden sides of themselves, good and bad, so that they can change. It is a long and arduous process, but it does allow for true change to happen. We see now, and Chuck points this out in his blog essay too, that even the Catholic Church, that stalwart and self-righteous structure, is being asked to do a public recapitulation, to confront the past, to be truthful, honest, and forthright before the world, to confront its darkness and evolve spiritually. This is what we are all challenged to do in our lives. I know what it means because I did it. I did a recapitulation, and it isn’t easy. Even having done the major part of it I continue to do it every day, as I find myself in many worlds, seeking balance, struggling to maintain my inner identity and to evolve to my fullest potential while continually going beyond my inhibitions and fears.

What can you offer us today to aid us all in our attempts to not only stay connected to spirit, but to more fully embrace the true aspects of who we are as human beings, fallible and hidden though we may be, while at the same time we know, by our own experiences, that confronting the truth really does set us free? How do we more fully embrace our human condition, loving ourselves for our journeys, while at the same time lovingly pushing our fearful selves to keep evolving? What guidance do you offer us today?

You ask, My Dear, for guidance in the process of achieving wholeness. As you know, I always contend that life itself will lead you there, but an inner awakening must occur and be reckoned with in order for the two selves to meet and assign themselves to a mutual journey. Without recognition and partnership, the journey ahead will be fragmented and unclear, as you state in your query was your own experience for many years.

Many people upon that earth elect to deny the true workings of the inner spirit, the holiness within, because it frightens them. In its awakening process the inner spirit shakes awake not only its own long buried persona, but in its rumblings it shatters that which has stood solidly present and in control for so many years. An inner awakening rattles the outer world in much the same way that an earthquake rattles awake the world far above its center of heat. Angry splitting apart may be the result of an earthquake on the outside, but on the inside it is merely a shifting of conditions no longer tenable in their current state. When tensions arise there is no recourse except to alleviate them in some fashion.

I suggest to Our Dear Readers that inner tension always be paid attention to. It is not meant to drive you crazy or force you into misery, sickness, depression, anxiety, or fear, but simply to ask you to notice that something deep inside you is asking for the shift that it needs in order for the process of life to evolve. The world around you constantly changes and evolves and you, My Dear Human Souls, are also being presented with the same process. You are being asked to recognize the earthquakes and storms within for the spiritual awakenings that they are.

As you know, I stress the shamanic term recapitulation as the process that must be undertaken in order to properly deal with the inner heat. This is a spiritual process whereby the inner self is allowed to speak, to reveal itself, to be offered a platform for expulsion, revelation, and renewal, so that each of you may reconnect to the true growth energy within, that of nature, of God within, and to the possibility for understanding the self as energy, interconnected to all other energy.

Once you feel the awakening of the energy of inner self it is hard to reject it. Once the hard crust of neglect has cracked and the secrets of self have begun to seep outward it is hard to repair the festering wounds it reveals. The tearing awake of the inner self, bursting through the long-toughening process of life, is no less an act of nature than the earthquakes that rock your globe. Your earth’s inner awakening reflects the great need for the inner spirit to emerge from its darkness and become present in that world where it has so often been pushed aside.

I do not speak of religions, of church doctrines, or of preaching dictates. I speak only of the true energy of inner spirit, which resides in every human being upon that earth. You each have within all that it takes to evolve. You must allow your awakenings, your inner rumblings, to teach you what you need to know about the self. You must allow your secrets to be revealed to the self. You must accept yourself as fallible and as good, as lost and as found, as hungry for life in a new manner. Only in accepting the wholeness of self, encompassing all that you love and want and all that you hate and fear, will you achieve that new life you so hunger for, My Dears. And you must learn what it means to be truthful, honest, and utterly naked and revealed, facing the self without conflicts of interest, without conventional voices dictating judgments and proposals that overshadow the truths of who you truly are.

Remind yourselves often of your energetic content, of your ability to flow with life, of your desire for connection. Practice your evolving biddings by listening to what is going on inside you more intently. Listen to your inner self and ask what to do next. And then wait for the answer. It will come.

Thank you, Jeanne! I understand that you are also proposing that we are like the energy of nature itself, that we are no different. Would you contend that the preponderances of natural disasters are warning us of our true inner desires to change and evolve? There have been earthquakes, a volcano in Iceland, global warming, cyclones, typhoons, flooding and any number of natural disasters lately affecting the world. I have felt them to be signs that Mother Earth, that nature itself will not allow us to be in control for much longer, that we are being forced to change, but I don’t feel that enough people are listening. Can you comment?

Nature itself will reveal its intentions. It has far greater power to shake the world and shatter the empty dreams and cogitations of greed than any human alive. There is none so powerful as Mother Nature. But you must all pay attention to that same energy within. Mother Nature resides within. God resides within. All power resides within, good and bad. Evolutionary potential, built up over centuries, lies within. Some of you upon that earth have been evolving for many years, many lifetimes, while others are new at it. It is up to the old souls to lead the way, by example, returning to earth energy. The earth itself is showing you that this is the proper road to take, for it leads to the inevitable change that is to come.

Do not be afraid of change, but prepare for personal change first by embracing that which comes from within to teach you what it means to embrace change without. Learn to embrace the journey of self, of the inner self yearning for partnership and mergence in life. Return to nature by returning to self. The true connection to self and nature lies within and that is where your energy lies: within. The energy of earth lies within, and it has the capacity to shift and change the outer world when the time is right.

Do for yourselves what you know you must. Prepare to evolve. In adopting a new relationship with the self as an evolving energy being you will be ready for what comes in your life to greet you. Your practices of inner awakenings will have prepared you well.

NOTE: As I was typing up this message I heard a knock at the door and an elderly gentleman, a Jehovah’s Witness, was standing on the porch looking at our concrete Buddha who sits gazing out over our front walk. He asked me what I thought about all the change in the world, and I replied that I thought the world itself was showing us that we have to change too. He handed me a copy of Awake! This month’s pamphlet is subtitled: Nature had it first. I am struck by the synchronicity of this visit while I was working on this awakening message today.