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I was named Charles at birth after my maternal grandfather, a powerful man of boundless energy and spirit. Charles was a successful banker, a self-made and self-educated man, a staunch Republican and capitalist. His energy and spirit live on in me but, from my earliest memories, I firmly rejected the heaviness and adultness of his name, Charles. I softened it to Chuck and have insisted upon that name to this day. What hasn’t escaped me, however, is the synchronicity of my adult life being driven by the discoveries and practices of two other “Charleses,” Carl Jung and Carlos Castaneda.

I was introduced to their works in my teenage years and they have never ceased to guide and inform my adult life. The intent of my life is truth. These two men shared that intent and paved the way for others to discover their own deepest truths. Recently, a reader told me that my writing was starting to lose her, as it favored too much the description of shamanic practices. This coincided with my opening Jung’s The Red Book, realizing that it was time to delve deeper into his journey. What I have come to realize is that my role in this life seems to be the integration of Carl and Carlos.

I remember a dear friend and prominent Jungian analyst once telling me that he had read Castaneda’s The Art of Dreaming and found it to be “worthless, total nonsense.” At that time I was already deeply immersed in the shamanic practices being offered by Carlos in Tensegrity workshops and was experiencing powerful new truths. This was not an intellectual affair nor was it the trickery of a charismatic shadow leader. This was personal experience, deep inner experience.

Today, as I pick up The Red Book, where Jung’s inner process is finally revealed, upon which the foundation of modern psychology rests, what we discover is a man talking to his soul, and, his soul talking back! This is not an intellectual affair nor a psychotic process, but a true journey of knowledge rooted in deep personal experience. This journey required “guts of steel,” as don Juan stated to Carlos, as the requirement for taking the shamanic journey to become “a man of knowledge.” Truly, Jung took the shamanic journey.

For me, the shamanic world and depth psychology are parallel paths to self-knowledge and evolution, each offering valuable tools for the journey. Yesterday, in Message # 617, Jeanne and Jan spoke of channeling and noted the similarity of guidance offered by many channeled entities. For those who channel, their lives are transformed by the guidance they are challenged to integrate, a true journey into another world. What we discover in Jung’s The Red Book is his own transformation, effected by his own channeled encounters with entities who proposed knowledge that he was compelled to explore and ultimately integrate into his understanding of the nature of reality. As we sat and watched the film Tuning In, I couldn’t help but note the entities use of “Jungian words,” such as shadow, synchronicity, and archetype. These were all concepts that emerged from Jung’s conversations with his soul.

Equally, the channelers speak of our ability to experience infinity, now. This is the shamanic journey, the tools of which require finding one’s energy body, fully achievable through the techniques that Carlos passed along in Magical Passes and that Carl introduced in the process of active imagination. Both Carl and Carlos insisted that real knowledge can only be achieved through a personal experiential process.

True to my namesakes, I engage in an experiential process and attempt to make accessible the valuable tools of both Carl and Carlos, in taking the inner journey. This inner journey is the most meaningful process anyone can undertake, as stressed by the channelers in Tuning In, in Jeanne’s messages, and by the expression of Jung’s inner work in The Red Book and by the works of Carlos Castaneda. If I were to characterize my synthesis of this week’s synchronicities, I would put it like this: Tuning In to The Red Book is The Art of Dreaming.

I close this blog with one final synchronicity. I open The Red Book to this quote on page 233:

I am weary, my soul, my wandering has lasted too long, my search for myself outside of myself. Now I have gone through events and find you behind all of them. For I made discoveries on my erring through events, humanity, and the world. I found men. And you, my soul, I found again, first in images within men and then you yourself. I found you where I least expected you. You climbed out of a dark shaft.”

As always, should anyone wish to write, I can be reached at: chuck@riverwalkerpress.com or feel free to post a comment.

Until we meet again,

2 thoughts on “#618 Chuck’s Place: Carl, Carlos, Charles & Chuck”

  1. Hi Jan and Chuck,
    I want to tell you about a synchronicity with the messages you posted yesterday and today. As you know, I do read from several channelling sources on the internet, and also continue with my own channel, not necessarily daily, but as I work through issues in my own life or basically when I feel moved to do so.

    There is much information out there currently about this specific day, 12-12-09, as being a powerful day in terms of a release of energy into our world to assist with our evolution. While channelling this morning, I asked about what I’ve been reading, and specifically about the consistancy of what I read among the various channels.
    This is a portion of what I received:
    “Look for areas of commonality. The essence of the messages is what is most important. Be wary of promises of ascension as redemption. Your personal responsibility in clearing your karma and continuing your learning is essential. Your life here is your learning ground and this is where the focus of your evolution emerges”.

    After I read your post this morning, (I received my own channelled message before I read Jeanne’s message from yesterday) I was obviously struck by and excited by the synchronicity of both of us asking about other channellers. I’ve received a name as well, Krypholon. I’ve received that on more than one occasion, (I still struggle a bit with doubt about what I receive, but I’m learning to trust it more) and my understanding is that what I receive is a collective energy, and Krypholon is my personal connection to the collective energy.
    As always, I’m fascinated by the continuing unfolding of this journey, and appreciative of the information that you put out there for others to learn from. Pat

  2. Dear Pat,
    Thank you for so openly expressing the process you are experiencing. Doubt does come up, adding a bit of tension and challenge, but as time goes by you will most likely get less caught by it. Thank you so much for sharing this. It may just give a few other people the impetus they need to trust their own process.
    Keep channeling!
    Jan and Chuck

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