#545 Attainment is Achievable

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for your readers today?

Align now with the conviction of your heart and your knowing self, facing your challenges, and forging ahead. For only in conviction and attachment to the greater good of the heart’s desire will fulfillment be attained. I do not anticipate failure for anyone if your goals are true heart-centered goals, if your path is viable, if your truth is continually spoken innerly and outerly, if your guidance is pure, and if your means do not conflict with your heart’s greater intent to evolve.

This is a time now of brightness to come. A gleaning of life ahead will be glimpsed and the path revealed if the focus remains heart-centered and pure. I cannot stress enough that truth of heart is your greatest guide and this you know, even though you may not yet have dared to listen to it. Abide by your inner desires to live in purity of this heart-centered self, with alignment of purpose, living fully from this place of truth.

Attainment is achievable; it is in full view. Do you not see it? Continue to urge the ego self to listen more closely to what is truly being spoken. Your quiet heart speaks most loudly and clearly when you need its sound advice most urgently. Listen to your heart, remain upon your path, keep to your strong inner convictions of growth, truth, and prosperity of real evolution of spirit. That is your charge!

#544 Stay Connected: Heart to Path

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for your readers today?

Remain quietly cognizant of the inner self at all times. Even though storms may rage and disruptions arise, it is the stable, heart-centered path that must remain in your awareness. Though the veils will undoubtedly fall before your eyes again, do not lose sight of the connection between your softly speaking truthful heart and the path beneath your feet.

It is time now to fully understand the path you have chosen. By your heart’s yearning for change and recognition, and by the signs placed before you, pointing out a new direction, so have you begun a new journey based on resonance and acceptance of the self as ultimate guide. Though your decisions may still be tenuous, and your path but slowly being revealed, so is your heart urging you to continue in this new direction of resonance and knowing.

If resonance is not felt, if the path beneath your feet does not feel right, does not receive your every step, then stop and sit a while until the mist clears and you can clearly see where you are. If your path of chosen resonance is a mistaken one, based on preconceived notions and unclear messages, there is no fault in stepping off it to find a new path. For in the end, the only path that will be right must be the one of complete resonance.

By this I mean that your heart, your feet, and your guides, signs, and supports, must all align in a clarity that resonates. Such a path is still going to be challenging. In order to truly be able to accept the journey that your heart points out so clearly, and in order for true evolution, you must recognize the challenges as inner challenges, to be dealt with by you alone.

Why are you now on this path? What are your challenges? They may be old or even ancient, archaic, challenges, or they may be new advancing ones. They may be newly acquired or simply newly shone, as if a bright light has finally picked them out for you because this is the right time to confront them.

Does your ego intrude too much as you seek your way? Describe your ego to your self so that you may clearly understand how it operates to both propel you and offer you challenges, great and small. Does your ego push you now upon this path that is so right, or does it inhibit your every step? Are you still battling ego over spirit desire?

This is why I ask, today, that quiet communing with the inner self is necessary, in order to more fully understand what is going on in your life as you continue your journey. Each day are you offered challenges and each day must you make a decision about how to address those challenges. Abide by the truths of your spirit in making your decisions, for only in asking your heart-centered self for truth and guidance will your resonance pick up the correct choices and decisions to make.

Sit in quiet time, contemplating the self, and ask for a fuller understanding of who you are. Ask for clarity so that you may connect your puzzle pieces and gain understanding of how and why your journey is as it is. Do not push aside the thoughts that arise. Write them down. Accept the fact that you must, each one of you, no matter how enlightened, face challenges to your ego, your spirit, and your outer world and all that it encompasses.

Inner contemplation leads to outer clarity. Inner contemplation leads to inner clarity. Inner contemplation leads to clarity of vision, for this moment in time, and, however brief it may last, so does it offer you a glimpse of the true nature of self in the universe.

Do not forget that you are an evolving energy being. No matter how stuck you may feel, how uncertain of your path, whether new or old, how unworthy you may perceive your good fortune, or how challenging your perceived misfortunes, please learn to trust that the journey you are on is truly significant, for it is leading you to understand the self.

The self is body, spirit, thought, consciousness, awareness, and knowing energy. The self is all things. The challenge is to remove the blockages that keep you from this awareness of self as all things, all energy, all awareness. Once you gain a glimpse of the self as all things you begin to understand the insignificance of the self as ego, as matter, as brain and body. For what matters is the energy of self as part of that wholeness of all things, as light, as part of the interconnectedness of all things.

Continue your inner work. Find your spiritual path in that life and you will begin to more fully understand the whys and hows of who you are and the meaning of that life. Stay connected: heart to path!

#543 By Your Example

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have some guidance for your many readers today, as we begin a new week?

Continue on your forward journeys opting for change, for progress, and for true growth. Though I ask that you choose growth, so do I also know that there are many deep feelings and emotions that must be confronted even as you so seamlessly choose to flow with the energies of life that wish for change. It is not easy to move along when others in your life choose quite the opposite, when others choose to stay put or split off in another direction without you. Change may produce joy and freedom at your deepest resonance, yet may it also produce sadness and even regret.

How do you move on when such feelings arise? How do you leave behind the people and the situations that you have long been tied to? How do you aid others as you move on, asking them to be present for themselves now? How do you free your energy so that it may be more fully available?

Progress and change are energetic opportunities, My Dear, as much as they are physical or practical opportunities. To choose to move forward because it is the only right thing for you to do is an energetic option that will allow for further growth in life and spirit. If energy is blocked or slowed then there will be difficulties. Yet, as blockages are removed and allowed to flow in the river of life, offered new life as you release them, so does all life have an opportunity to evolve and flow.

I speak today of being able to continue your progress without re-burdening your self. I speak of continually shedding attachments to the old ways of doing things so that all who know you will understand that you are doing things differently now. I speak of each one of you opting to flow with the energy that is available; more freed each day as you lovingly, from your heart-center, release your attachments, knowing full well that there is energy enough available for all in your care and your life, if they choose to engage it.

There is always energy available to aid and favor those who choose change that is right. In choosing to further engage in life in a manner that is energetically resonant, you are choosing to truly engage in life and all that it offers. By doing so, you become a grand example for others who struggle to release in the same manner; for all wish, underneath it all, to truly grow.

Many simply do not know how to allow themselves such a daring move. They do not, for fear of ridicule or disappointment, know how to take even the first step toward growth. Show them, by your example, how to do this.

By your example you show that life is full of eagerness for change and for adventure. By your example you offer others the opportunity to dare themselves. By your loving detachment you remove your negative thoughts and regrets from others so that they may be free enough to do what you are so hungry to do. Appetites for energetic life, once whetted, are hard to satiate. By your example you show that it is truly acceptable to eat of the fruits of true energy and true potential. By your example you free your own energy to more fully engage in nurturing new energy, even as you offer others a fine example of living a life in flux, the greatest desire of all beings upon that earth.

All beings desire to flow with life. By your own brave example you offer an opening in the seemingly dense pathway, an opening in the trees of life, through which one must forge a means and a way, looking always for the path of resonance. By your example you show the means, the energetic means, to truly forge a daring path of truth, beauty, and endless spiritual resonance.

Do not stop. Keep going. By your example do you learn what it means to be a guide, a mentor, and a spiritual companion to those who watch, who wait, and who desire to do the same.

#542 Chuck’s Place: Direct Experience

Welcome to Chuck’s Place, where Chuck Ketchel expresses his thoughts, insights, and experiences!

Consciousness, with its companions: reflection and choice, is the most recent acquisition of mankind, considering the breadth of the evolutionary journey of human beings. Like our animal companions, our instinctual knowledge, what Jung called the collective unconscious, governed our decision making until the very recent past.

The birth of consciousness in mankind can be likened to the young child’s dawning awareness of “I” as distinct from the world around him. In my own case, that birth of awareness was at once exciting and terrifying. How could my little self survive and hold its own in an ocean of others? I recall, as a young boy, attending a Yankee game and suddenly being overtaken by panic, fearing being swallowed up in the midst of thousands of people. My young ego was experiencing, in projected form, the fragility of its position amidst such an overwhelming presence, a direct experience of the collective unconscious. I also recall the terror of going to sleep, many a night, as my young consciousness grasped the realness of death. I pondered: how can I be certain that I will awaken in the morning? In effect, my ego was terrified to turn out its light, uncertain it would reemerge the following morning from the collective unconscious of sleep and dream.

We are all orphans of our true parents: nature, instinct, collective unconscious, etc., cast from the garden for the sin of consciousness as our awareness continues to eat from the fruit of the tree of knowledge: our reflections upon our experiences in the world. At once, our egos must build fortresses of security, individual arks, to survive the power and fury of nature for the sin of our conscious hubris, and, at the same time, we desperately need to find a way to connect to the wisdom and nurturance of our roots.

Jung proposed that all religions and esoteric traditions have attempted to serve that function. Mystics and artists, who have had direct inner experience with the collective unconscious, have produced powerful symbols that embody its energy and guidance, symbols that range from the crucifix to those expressed in the Tarot. These symbols attract the masses and have provided a means, albeit a step removed from direct experience, to bathe in the knowledge and nurturance of the collective unconscious while being shielded from its disintegrating potential. Over time, these symbols have become increasingly polished and rigidified, removed from their natural healing roots, as the egos of mankind have commandeered the symbols and imposed dogma upon them, stripping them of their abilities to serve our deepest need for connection. Jung suggested that anyone who could still find a deep connection to their spiritual selves in the religions and traditions available in the world should continue their practices. For those whom these traditions have lost their transformative potential, he proposed the journey of individuation, utilizing psychotherapy to develop a relationship with the unconscious through dreams and active imagination.

The shamans of Carlos Castaneda’s lineage stripped their tradition of its rituals to arrive at its pragmatic core through a series of practices that enabled them to have direct experience. In this context, shamanic journeys are direct experiences of infinity at an energetic level.

Jeanne has proposed that we have evolved to the point where we can remove all projections of our deepest nature from the outer world’s spiritual systems and embark on a path of direct experience of our deeper spiritual selves. To protect our fragile egos in this process, she suggests that we engage our spirit guides, who are available, for the asking, to guide and protect us on our inner spiritual pilgrimages. She states, simply: Ask for help and you will receive the help you need. This is not based in belief; it is an experiential practice. She suggests that we approach it like any scientific experiment, treating it like a hypothesis: state your intent and see what happens!

Beyond that, she encourages recapitulation in order to clear the channel of the burden of barricades, erected to ward off encounters with our deepest truths. With respect to the controlling influence of our outer projections, she coaches us in detachment by strengthening our adult selves to encounter both our angels and demons within. Finally, as we are challenged by life’s inevitable changes, be they deep, heart-felt losses or blindsided fates, we are offered the practice of fluidity, whereby we learn to open, fully, to experience, remaining completely present and flowing with the changes, with grace and awe, as we await our next direct experience of infinity.

Ultimately, don Juan suggested to Carlos that he always find a path of heart in determining the direction of his journey. This is what Jeanne calls resonance. Whether it be in the world’s religious traditions, psychotherapy, shamanic practice, or Jeanne’s guidance, we must find our own path of heart to direct experience.

Should anyone wish to write, I can be reached at: chuck@riverwalkerpress.com

Until we meet again,

#541 Accept Your Appointment With the Flow of Life

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have some guidance for us today?

Continue your conscious and concerted efforts to change. Allow shift to happen, accepting your appointment with a destiny that is not forecast as of yet, but unfolds as you allow your self to trust that your life is ready and waiting for you to experience it.

Do not seek to pull toward you new reasons for inhibiting your growth or for delaying the process of change. Seek to remain flowing and open to the energy that is available to aid you, at all times, though the pull to attach to new devices of purpose and reason may be great. This energy of now asks for your complete trust. It asks for your complete attention to how it is presented, to what it truly offers, and to the flow of its direction. With detachment from purposeful control and conceit you will find that a natural life will open before you, a life full of adventure, a life full of spiritual experience, and a life full of joy.

This energetic time of now is preparing you to accept the fact that you do not, in fact, have much control at all. You may think you do, but you may realize, if you allow your self to be so bold, that your issues of control merely sink you deeper into the mud of regret and discontent. How do you remove your steady and willing feet from that sucking pull of false safety?

You begin by daring the self to trust the energy to take you to a new level of awareness and to a new awareness of the energy that is all around you. Dare the self to trust the energy, to open the heart and the doors that house the fears that hold you back, and say: Take me where I need to go.

I accept the energy of good and of growth.

I accept my appointment with the flow of life, unhindered by my fears and the worries that have wrapped me in a cloak of despair and kept me mired in a life of unconsciousness.

I desire new life. I open myself to new life, new energy and flowing openness.

I trust my journey. Let my journey truly begin.

With this opening prayer may you remain open to the experiences that are ready and waiting to swiftly carry you forth. May you attain your true openness. May you leave your fears and worries behind in the mud of regret and decay. May you find your own energy of heart and desire for spiritual connection to be all you need, as you reach out into the energy that connects all things.

May you allow the self a new beauty now, steeped not in the things of that world, but in the life and experiences of all the other worlds you have been rejecting, for there is much more available than you will ever be able to fathom in that lifetime. You are in the beginning stages of accepting the truths of the energy of the soul. Now it is time to trust that this energy is yours, that it does not just belong to a select or talented few. It belongs to everyone.

This is my mission: to teach you all to connect with the greater energy through first trusting and utilizing your own. Free your self a little more each day. Meditate not on the problems of that world, but shift to meditating on connecting with the greater energy. In so doing will you gain a new perspective on the problems of that world. Their significance will diminish and your role will become clearer as you detach from the muddy earth and enter the higher realms of understanding. You are all fully capable. You just have to dare the self to step outside of that reality and trust the adventure of the experiences of the self as an energetic being, who is fully capable of discovering other realities far more enticing than the one you reside in.

This energy continues to offer opportunities for shift and connection. Do not be afraid to dare the self to believe that everything is possible. Do not push away the experiences you are having, whether in dreaming or in waking life. Do not dismiss the feelings of energy that you may physically experience. Accept a new reality, the self as energy, and go exploring, and then don’t stop.

Anchor your self in your life upon that earth, but allow that to change with you as you make the leap to trust the energy of the self and the energy of growth and connection. Pretty soon you will discover a more flowing life over all; one where you more easily shift back and forth, unafraid of change, and unafraid of experiences of energy and exploration into the unknown.

Once you begin to explore the unknown it will become the known, the familiar, and this will lead to new doors opening so that you may continue to enter the next unknown territory. Continue your process of self-study. Your inner work and outer work are crucial to this adventuring process, for only in resolving the issues of the self, in fully knowing the self, will you be free enough to allow the self to take these daring steps into the adventures of the energy, into the great brilliant unknown.

Have fun! There is nothing to fear. You will only be meeting the energy of the self and learning what it means to become whole and one with all things, all energy, all that is endlessly alive.