#482 Chuck’s Place: Discovering My Energy Body-A Good Friday Remembered

Welcome to Chuck’s Place, where Chuck Ketchel expresses his thoughts, insights, and experiences!

When I was a young boy I wrestled deeply with believing in the existence of God. I tried diligently to be perfect, walking only in straight lines, like a soldier, making perfect right angle turns. The nuns insisted that I memorize the catechism word for word; that was all that was required to receive the sacrament to commune directly with God. I was a miserable failure at both straight lines and memorization, but the deeper problem for me was the shameful fact that I had no faith; I simply couldn’t accept that God existed based on belief alone. I recall the shame and anxiety I felt revealing this “sin” to my younger sister, whom I swore to secrecy; surely I was damned. Everyone believes, why can’t I? My deepest truth was revealed to my young self: I am not a believer! I am a failed Christian.

Finally, I decided to confront God, if there was one, directly. Looking back, I see my younger self discovering scientific method. I set up my hypothesis: if God could show me tangible evidence that he existed then I could believe in him. For my experiment I chose Good Friday, an established holy day where something big supposedly happened, that is, Christ’s crucifixion. I proposed to God that if it were true that Christ died on this day that he send me a sign to verify the exact moment of Christ’s death. I left the specific sign in God’s hands, only requiring that it be abundantly noticeable to me. With that proposition established, I prepared for sleep, incessantly repeating the Hail Mary, with the intent that my request be granted.

Some time in the middle of the night I was awoken, my body completely paralyzed, I couldn’t even open my eyes. My ears were filled with the buzzing sound of a million crickets as I experienced myself transforming into pure vibration. The intensity deepened to the point that I was sure my consciousness, my very self, would soon disintegrate and I would be completely swallowed up in the vibrations. I steadied myself, trying desperately to hold on to awareness, as I felt myself slipping away. Suddenly, it dawned on me: God has spoken! This was the moment of Christ’s death. Gradually my awareness returned to my body as the vibrations subsided. I knew that if I opened my eyes and looked at the clock I would know the exact time of Christ’s death. I was far too terrified to even blink an eye or move a muscle. I was simply thankful that I was alive, that I hadn’t disintegrated into sheer energy. This was my awakening; I discovered that direct experience was my one true religion. Christianity was simply the metaphor that opened the door to direct energetic experience of infinity. Through the years, I have discovered many useful metaphors and many useful methods.

This experiment became my first experience of life beyond the human form, the rational world of solid objects. No wonder we cling so tightly to that world, where everything is solid and knowable, relegating the proposition of spirit to believing or not believing. Entering the world of energetic experience brings us into a new world where nothing is solid and knowable, and we must learn how to steady ourselves to explore this new reality. It amazes me how simple it is to enter the experience of the greater reality of who we are and what we are capable of. It is our birthright, our innate potential to experience ourselves as energy and explore infinity now, as energetic beings. All we need to do is set that intent and ask for it, sincerely and innocently. Truthfully, what we need most is a little daring, and nerves of steel, to step out into the unknown.

The impact of our habitual patterns, accumulated through the years, creates a thick bark around our energetic selves, which can be challenging to penetrate. Herein lies the value of establishing some kind of practice to reach our energy bodies. My younger self discovered the value of repetitive prayer, coupled with intent. Dreaming is a natural time when we slip into our energy bodies. Again, using our intent, we can cultivate our dreaming attention to explore the world out of body. In the shaman’s world, practices such as Tensegrity break through the crust of habitual patterns to redistribute vital energy, improving physical prowess and the ability to reach the energy body. Practices such as yoga and meditation also open the pathway to one’s energetic essence.

It is important to remember that the method itself is really not that important, they are all equal, it’s simply a matter of finding the right fit, or what personally resonates. The ability to reach one’s energy body is innate. All you need to do is intend it, innocently, and hold that intent with gentle persistence. All the methods to aid this process, discovered by spiritual masters and codified through various spiritual traditions, can be helpful to aid one in cutting through the thick bark, which shrouds the energetic essence. However, attachment to a master or a tradition can just as easily contribute to the bark, if one is not careful. Once a practice becomes a habit, a must-do, the execution of which determines our judgment of ourselves, it gets absorbed by and reinforces our cognitive structure of everyday rational life, rather than helping us cut through it. If the method we choose becomes “the method,” again, it simply thickens the bark as we become trapped in the competitiveness of everyday life. If we project our sought after energetic potential onto our teachers, or spiritual traditions, we become trapped in hierarchy and hero worship, further alienating ourselves from our innate potential.

It’s challenging to not take our habits with us as we embark on a spiritual path to reach our energetic selves. Remember, everything you need you already have. You needn’t look outside for the answer, or the way. I suggest simply intending to discover your energetic self. See what happens!

As always, I am open to discussion or comment. Should anyone wish to write, I can be reached via email at: chuck@riverwalkerpress.com

Although I did not return to the discussion of projection, as promised, I will most likely pick up where I left off in next week’s blog, discussing positive projection. Unless something else comes to my attention.

Until we meet again,

#481 Revelations Prevail in Unfolding Energy

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today? I know the energy lately has been testy and erratic, but at the same time a sense of clarity prevails. Can you speak today about actualizing the clarity that is gained?

This energy time, now, is an unfolding time, as wave upon wave of revelation and unrelenting force prevails. During such unfolding energy much is revealed and much clarity is gained, as you suggest, My Dear. Even as the ocean waves do crash upon the shore, in endless return, so do they also reveal what they carry, washing up and laying upon the shore their booty, everything from tiny treasures to discarded debris. Even the tiniest grains of salt and sand left upon the shore, deposited in the unfolding process, are meaningful.

This is what you must now keep in mind: that even though the energy appears to be redundant in its power, and perhaps presenting you with more than you can handle, or gain clarity on, so is it also leaving you with information about your self, your work, your life upon that earth as an individual, as a partner, and as an evolving being.

Relationships may now prosper, for this unfolding time bears in its creases many truths. Watch what happens now and notice how many times you gain clarity; how many truths you actually see with utter clarity now. Bring those truths home with you now. Pick them up as they are deposited at your feet upon the sandy shore, put them into your pockets for safe keeping, but also take them out of this place of knowing, quite often, and remind your self of the solid resolute truth that they speak of so clearly.

Your insights now gained are the groundwork for your future. And your future is bound in holding onto these truths, for without them you will not be able to move forward or make the shift that is most important and beneficial for you to make at this time.

Everyone upon that earth is now being asked to make a change of great meaning. Your own life, as it has been unfolding lately, or even for a long time, has been showing you what your personal challenge is. Do not dismiss this challenge, nor this time in your life, nor the energetic accompaniment surrounding this earth time.

I would like to point out, again, that you, personally, each one of you, are living during this great time of shift and transformation for some great reason of your own. Beyond your daily lives, beyond the world as you have been taught to accept it, is a powerful force that is urging all of you to seek the truth of who you really are meant to be. It is not a coincidence that you are alive now. There is significance and great meaning to your life.

This unfolding time, backed by the energy of the universe constantly in flux, pushing forth wave upon wave of clarity, is asking all of you to accept your contract to grow and evolve. Find your self, today, upon the ocean’s shore as the waves come in, crashing at your feet. Even if you have never been upon the sandy beaches of the edges of your land, so do I request that you find a way to understand this experience in sound, taste, feel, and smell. Immerse your selves in the knowledge that the ocean of life is constantly showing you what you must learn in order to continue your journey toward personal wholeness, but also toward deep personal meaning.

Do not dismiss this energy as too difficult to bear or too difficult to decipher. It is neither. But the challenge is to accept that you too are an unfolding being, capable of wave after wave of growth and change, aware of what is being revealed as no more challenging than breathing in the fresh and vital air that rides atop the waves of energy. In essence, in acquiescence to what life offers, to what is clearly revealed as right, met by your inner knowing resonance, so will you find that your life will flow with greater certainty and greater resolution.

Guide your self, today, through this unfolding time. Walk upon the sands of your day looking at what the waves reveal. Accept your challenges as gifts and your gifts as challenges to acquiesce to your own journey. For that is what you must ultimately do, you know. You must learn to acquiesce to your own inevitable journey. As it unfolds, it continues to invite you to accept the gifts it provides, the challenges it presents, and the much sought after meaning it offers.

This is a day of clarity and revelation, and what follows depends on you, on what you decide to do with the clarity gained, the resolution presented, and the solid inner knowing that you cannot escape: that this is right.

#480 Check In With Your Physical Self

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Be aware that the energy of now will present you with much to attend to. You may feel bombarded with notions, ideas, thoughts, decisions, interruptions, and all manner of challenge. Keep in mind that these attempts to get your attention are all meaningful. Some require immediate attention, while others are merely reminders to maintain a balanced compassionate pragmatism while you go about your life and work upon that planet.

Remind your self often to study what is being presented. Do not jump to conclusions, but ponder the meaning of what is being shown to you, asked of you, proposed to you, and demanded of you. Are you ready to take on everything at once? Of course not! And this is what you must remember. Divide your dilemmas into categories of importance, compartmentalizing according to greatest and worthiest need, and pay attention, at all times, to how you physically are being affected as well.

Your physical body will give you many signs of how to approach your challenges and what is most meaningful to spend your energy on. In compartmentalization of your troubles, your frustrations, and your desire to be of assistance, so may you allow your self to remain in steady, balanced certainty of action. Your ability to determine how you wish to spend your energy is greatly related to your physical state. You must, at all times, decide how you would like to spend your energy so that you, personally, are not depleted, or compromised, and placed in a position of deprivation, for then are you of no use to anyone. Such deprivation may lead to chronic despair and the inability to function properly in your inner world, as well as your outer world.

As you are approached by outer activity, whether negative or positive, so must you ask your self: How is this going to affect me physically? Only in first paying attention to your physical state, keeping its balance foremost in your awareness, will you gain in your inner balance. Outer balance leads to greater inner balance and greater inner awareness.

So, I suggest that it might be a worthy endeavor to allow for a slight detachment from what you are being presented with now during this time of energetic feather ruffling. Allow for a calm stepping back from that which is being plopped or tossed in front of you on the brisk winds of this energy, and check in with your physical self.

How do you feel energetically? Pay attention to how your own feathers are ruffled by what is being asked or demanded of you and then determine what is the most pragmatic step to take. Keep always in your awareness, even during detachment exercises, that you are a compassionate heart-centered being who wishes only to do the right thing, take the right action, and allow for right growth to take place, on all sides.

Balance your decisions by stepping back and taking your time to weigh the consequences of your decisions on your own energy. Keep in mind the expectation that maturity is a requirement of all adult energetic beings. Your abilities to compartmentalize, by reflection on your own energetic and physical self, balanced by your need to guide others in your care to accept their own energetic balance and become responsible citizens, will lead you to understanding how to not only maneuver through this fluttering energy, but also advance as a result of it.

Your physical self is available to guide you through your life, as much as your thinking self is. Use it more often now, to determine which step to take, what is most important to attend to, and how you can grow, even as you challenge those around you to continue growing as well.

#479 Say Hello to Your Energetic Self

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today, as we begin a new week?

Interpret the energy as personal energy, formulated so that each one of you may grow and evolve. It is shifting energy still, available for resolute decision-making and action to take place. Look forward now to supportive actions and opportunities all around you as a time of growth ensues.

Have we gotten through the feminine energy that you spoke of the other day?

Not quite, My Dears, but notice now its nurturing, maternal aspects, more than its challenging aspects. As you own your own feminine sides, as you ponder your new place in the world, based on what you have learned about the self over the past few days, so may you make your way upon your path with a marked steadiness now, as you go into this new week in time.

Your world may be quite formulaic, your daily structures in place, your routines apparent, but do not lose sight of the fact that you are, one and all, energetic beings. Even though much of your world is described, prescribed, and well documented, so are you a free energy being, fully capable of disrupting that which is not resonant or in alignment with that energetic self. Disruption may be the result of true feminine energy coming into your awareness, asking you to pay heed, to suspend judgment, to allow for self-nurturance now, in a purely mature, maternal way. Your life so far has been preparation for this day and this day is preparation for what comes.

Make each day now truly focused on maintaining awareness of who you are as an energy being. Keep alert to your vibratory awareness of self during the day. Tune in often to how you are feeling, first physically, then mentally. Are you physically calm, or are you stressed? Allow your awareness to tune in to your physical self, soothing any tense or rough edges you may feel. Then respect and acknowledge your mental process, while simultaneously asking for calmness in this region of the physical self as well.

After you have attended to your body, adjusting it to a calm quietness, using your knowledge of heart-centered breathing to aid you, check into your energetic resonance. Ask, without concern for the physical or mental, for a touch of connection to the self as pure energy, totally absent of human needs, just purely vibratory energy. This self resides in and travels with you throughout life, yet are you seldom aware of its presence, unless you make a concerted effort to block your normal world activities and say hello to it.

Well, now it is time to learn to access this underlying energetic self more often. Only in accessing this self, and getting to know it, will you find your way through this time of shift and come out clearheaded, aware, and riding a new wave in a new direction, in stark contrast to where you have been for the past few years.

This time of shift is not so subtle, but it will in fact be quite noticeable. If you allow your self to accept your self as an energetic being and begin to actually feel what that means, so may your personal time of shift be made in a steady and calm manner, in alignment with all aspects of your life, all connecting and participating, knowing that this is right.

Shift is inevitable. The question to ask the self is: Am I going to go with the inevitable, in full awareness? Or am I going to refuse to take the ride and get thrown and tossed about, feeling like a victim? Do you choose full awareness and moving forward, in your full power now, owning your life as truly your own, with firm steadiness, knowingly taking your life into your own hands? Or do you choose to remain a drag upon your own energy, and your own potential, by your lack of acceptance, your inertia, your sadness, your despair, your judgments, your desires, that remain connected to an old world that no longer exists?

I do not attempt to do other than alert you to the fact that you are being offered a new time of awakening, that’s all. But also I attempt to alert you to the truth of this time of awakening, for it is quite a power packed time of opening, of maturity, of the possibility for perfect alignment with the true inner self, if you dare to admit that such a self exists.

#478 Chuck’s Place: Return to the Garden and Beyond

Welcome to Chuck’s Place, where Chuck Ketchel expresses his thoughts, insights, and experiences!

How challenging it is to truly embrace one’s gold. Dysfunctional families, dysfunctional relationships, dysfunctional marriages, etc, etc.; the concept of dysfunction is the current buzzword to account for out inability to embrace our gold, which is actually a direct connection to our archetypal inheritance; or in energetic terms, our feminine energy. Lacking a solid archetypal foundation, we struggle with low self-esteem.

As I look around this spring, I don’t notice inertia, hesitation, stagnation, or depression in the birds, the squirrels, or the peepers. Spring energies course through our human veins, yet often get caught in paralysis, hyperactivity, or failure. Apparently, when we left the Garden and chose consciousness, chose to take charge of directing that which had flowed so smoothly with unfailing precision, we were sentenced to sail the ship without a guidebook. We have been haphazardly crashing on the rocks and reefs, finding our way, ever since.

Our sentence, upon leaving the Garden, also included poor self-esteem. At the foundation of every individual germ of consciousness (the ego) is the fact of inadequacy. The ego is no match for the archetypes. The archetypes got it down pat through eons of experience; they know what works. They know how to direct nature’s energies and make things flow smoothly. Human egos, thrilled with their “advanced science,” marvel at their ability to create pharmaceuticals to correct what they judge to be nature’s inherent flaws. I simply can’t figure out how those birds manage to sleep through the night without their ambien or breathe without their nasonex! Do humans ever consider that their inherent flaws are inherent mishaps, created through the hubris and ignorance of haphazardly sailing the ship?

Now, to be fair, someone had to take the wheel, figure some things out, make some rules, and create order amidst the “chaos.” Have some compassion for the male God, it’s the best that alienated beings, with little to go on, could do, as they trudged, thirstily, through the desert outside the Garden. The egos invented the male God, complete with new guidebooks. Some of these guidebooks come close to the wisdom of the archetypes; some are seriously flawed. The latest reigning edition is the Book of Science, with google providing quick access and wikipedia providing up-to-the-moment certainty.

So what are the qualities of the male God? He knows, he is powerful, he is definite, completely certain, and competent. He is the antidote to the human dilemma of core self doubt and lack of self-esteem. Why wouldn’t we worship such a God? Why wouldn’t we gobble up the self-help commandments, which promise us a connection to such qualities? Why wouldn’t we overtly, covertly, or unconsciously, seek to emulate or unite with those in the world who reflect these desirable qualities? If only I could be so knowledgeable, calm, collected, definite, and powerful, as he or she!

So where is the flaw here? I see these strivings as compensations for a lonely, inadequate ego, completely ill equipped for life. That is the true state of our “conscious” beings, alienated from our archetypal core. Stated in another way, this is masculine energy alienated from feminine energy, which has been the energetic predicament of humanity since the birth of consciousness. It is true that many egos before us have made great discoveries about the “nature” of things. Unfortunately, many of these egos, or demigods, behaved like little Neros, so enthralled with themselves and needing to play with their powers that they created many aberrant natures. Often, they made it particularly important to eliminate, at all costs, any sign of strong feminine energy. Thank God for pharmaceuticals to correct the balance! The problem, as I see it, is that the male God, devoid of feminine energy, is an alienated god. Essentially, it represents the ultimate enshrined ego. That God has no need for archetypal wisdom; he simply can do a better job.

The question arises, should we have left the Garden to begin with? What is the value of consciousness when we view, honestly, the job it has done in steering the ship? Personally, I think it was our evolutionary imperative to leave the Garden, just as now it is our evolutionary imperative to discover ourselves as energy. However, even if the Garden is an illusion, because ultimately it’s simply energy, we don’t have the right to leave the Garden in this condition. The challenge is to reconcile the relationship between masculine and feminine energy. How can we solve this?

First, we must find our way back to the Garden. This brings us into direct contact with archetypal wisdom. Feminine energy never lost its connection to archetypal wisdom; the connection is automatic. But how does feminine energy grapple with consciousness? Feminine energy is direct knowing. Consciousness knows nothing a priori. First, it must discover, preferably through science, facts; then it knows. How does that which just knows (feminine energy) reconcile with that which has to figure everything out (masculine energy)?

The way this challenge has unfolded, to date, has been for masculine energy to become dominant, despite its ignorance, and completely subjugate and devalue the feminine. Of course, the feminine is inherently insecure in the light of consciousness because it really does not know why it knows what it knows, it just knows. This “just knowing” is pitiful from the perspective of consciousness alone, which must discover and label all the building blocks of the world it dismantles.

The reconciliation of these two energies, which desperately need each other, is in a new relationship of co-existence and partnership, without either dominating the other. Masculine energy needs to drop its god complex, ego inflation, and become pure awareness. Feminine energy needs to trust that it knows, dropping its ego deflation. Both energies, devoid of judgments, are free to see all the truths, consciousness and knowing in alignment. This alignment insures right action.

Masculine and feminine energy in alignment will allow restoration of the Garden and freedom to venture beyond, with awareness, into pure energy.

As always, I am open to discussion or comment. Should anyone wish to write, I can be reached via email at: chuck@riverwalkerpress.com

I was just carried away this week by spring’s awakening and do intend to return to the discussion of projection next week. Until we meet again,