#342 Overall Outlook on the Week Ahead

We have made some changes to the channeling schedule. See the news posted just below today’s message for information about this, as well as information about our new offering of private channeling sessions.

Dear Jeanne,
Would you please give us an idea of the energy outlook for the week ahead, your perspective on what is to come?

My Dear Ones, I do not like to present you with too much information, for I fear that too many Readers may attach to the prospect of good or bad energy, and become unable to flow, as a result of fixation upon the forecast. But, Yes, I will address the overall outlook in this week ahead.

It does bode well for your intent of purpose to remain innerly focused, for there will be a new culmination soon upon you, a shift, that will carry much light, much relief, and much power. But it will only be useful, deeply so, if you are focused on remaining stable and intent upon your deepest issues. To simply say, “Hurray, a new energy shift!” will just not cut it, for then do you risk allowing your self to fall into the trap of letting go, and seeking compensation for the past few weeks and months of turmoil and confusion.

This is not a celebratory energy, but it is a crucial energy that, if used correctly, will in fact lead you further toward good self image, good self inner work, and good prospects for the future. But it is not an energy that should be used to compensate the outer self, or the big baby, for the hard work already done. So I warn all of you, to not go overboard in celebration of any aspect of the self, either the inner or the outer self.

Maintain your pragmatic stability. Remind your self that such energy is recurring often, and that this coming week is bringing a blip of energetic profusion, propelling in its intensity. But you must steer your self properly; conduct your self as a master warrior; the captain of your ship, who knows that with such energy must your focus and your skills remain top notch, and as highly alert as when the energy is dark and brewing with the opposite kind of intent. Whether you are entering happier waters or not, must your awareness and clarity remain keen and alert, for below the surface do the dark places remain, awaiting slips in your awareness, ready to capsize you, even on the prettiest of days, and the calmest of waters.

So yes, do look ahead to enjoying a most flowing session now of lighter energy, as a new shift happens in a day or two. You may feel it; you may be attuned or not; it does not matter, specifically, if you notice a change, but what does, specifically, matter is that you remain alert to your own inner issues. For those are the things that will lead you into trouble or not, depending on how you elect to handle them, as they appear to sabotage your days. For your innermost issues will seek to sabotage your festivities and parties, your vacations, and your calmly flowing days; that is their job. But it is up to the mature, adult, cognizant self; intent upon growth; to remain present; electing to soberly, with knowledge of the trickery that lies in the energy outside of you and inside the self, maintain stability and keep on an even course.

So My Dears, I can forecast a wild ride ahead, to warn you to remain calm, innerly calm. Or I could just say, watch out, the week ahead will test you greatly. So as you can see, I said both because both are true! It is also true that each one of you have great ability to remain innerly focused, innerly questioning, and aware, so that you do not subject your self to extremes of temper, emotion, mood, or excesses of the body, or the mind. All of you have the ability to be the adults you truly are, to allow your selves to remain on your chosen path of growth, to flow calmly through the energy; alert captains, steady warriors, because that is who you truly are; and that is who you seek to remain, at all times, no matter what the energy outside or inside is trying to do.

This is a week of testing. It is a test of awareness of mind, spirit, and body. It is a time of balance, alignment, steadiness, and straightforward focus of intent on your true reason for living. Keep that in sight at all times, using it to pull you back again to your position of control and steady calm. When I speak of control, do I not speak of your old habits of control so that you lose touch with the present, and your progress, or your path. I speak specifically of your control of your awareness; your keen alertness to remain focused on your path, which you have now been training and tweaking into a fine attribute. That is what you must maintain control of, your awareness My Dears.

Good Luck! I look forward to your progress; your stable awareness of the energy; your clarity in perceiving your outer world and your inner world, and your keen abilities to maneuver the energy that now approaches. You can do it, that I have no doubt about!

Channeling Changes

New Daily Channeling Schedule

Beginning on June 30, 2008 we will be instituting a new process on the channeling website and in the use of Jan’s channeling ability in general. As of this date, the daily messages will appear on the website three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. These channeling times will be devoted to answering your questions, which we heartily encourage you to ask. One day of each week will, most likely, be allotted for a weekly interpretation and understanding of the energy, since it seems to be a good topic, one that Jeanne is in tune with, and is helpful to the majority of readers. As has been the procedure, if no questions are pending from you, the Readers, Jan will ask for guidance in general.

Jeanne Re-joins the Practice!

Private Channeling Sessions

We now offer personal channeling sessions in our office at the Chocolate Factory in Red Hook, New York. (Jeanne enthusiastically welcomed “rejoining the practice,” as she said, when we asked her if this was a good idea.) Since we have not explored long distance channeling, nor the process of how to practically go about it, the sessions will, for now, only be available in our office.

We are aware that many people want to ask Jeanne for advice and guidance, but are not comfortable asking in the public forum on the website. We wish to make the opportunity to ask for guidance available to as many people as possible, factoring in the availability of Jan’s energy.

Preparation and Setting Intent

We request that if you would like to schedule a personal channeling session with us that you come prepared with several questions, ready to proceed directly into the session, so that the time may be fully utilized. You may ask as many, or few questions as you like within the given time frame. You are also free to have a dialogue with Jeanne, interacting with her; asking for clarification if something is not clear to you, or asking appropriate follow up questions if the message coming from Jeanne poses additional queries.

Please be aware that Jan’s channeling connection is only with Jeanne. In our early exploration of Jan’s channeling ability, we presented questions to other evolved entities. This frequently resulted in Jan being immediately taken to the Akashic Library, rapidly researching records, and then being transported into the lives of others, into other eras, and subjected to the energetic influences of those entities. Afterwards, we discovered that Jan’s energy was greatly depleted. This never was, and never is, her experience when channeling Jeanne. In fact, the opposite occurs, her energy is rejuvenated by the connection.

Jeanne continually warned Jan to be sure she was channeling her. As a safe guard, each channeling session begins with Jeanne being addressed by name. Jan is completely familiar with Jeanne’s resonant energy, which is pure, with a benevolent intent. We decided, after several energetically uncomfortable experiences, to only open the channel to Jeanne, asking for her perspective and guidance.

So if you seek to connect with a deceased relative, Jeanne may be the guide in how to develop a personal channel to that entity, however a direct connection through Jan and Jeanne is not offered in our channeling sessions. If that is the experience you are seeking you need to explore other psychic channels or shamans who offer this service. However, please be aware.

Many people have learned how to open the door to the spirit world. All of us seek, on some level, a connection to the greater reality of energy beyond the confines of everyday life in this world. Jeanne’s guidance has been geared, over the past few years, toward enabling us all to find this connection within ourselves through safe, pragmatic, and sober means. Opening up to the world of energy, without sobriety and awareness, leaves us easy prey for the trickster sorcerers, and other entities who seek our energy. Even those who are highly aware can fall under the spell, with devastating consequences.

Don Juan instructed Carlos Castaneda that the world of energy is a predatory universe, willing to cater to our desires in exchange for our energy. Many a “shaman” has been seduced and captivated by powers that achieve their own malevolent intent through the unawareness of the shaman. Castaneda himself, despite warnings from Don Juan, was tricked and captured by such an entity, requiring a dramatic rescue to free his energy. Always pay attention to the messages from your own inner spirit when seeking a guide. Look for and recognize feelings of resonance with those guides, spirit or otherwise. Your own energy will tell you if you are connecting in a resonant manner.

How the Process Works

The sessions take place in our recording nook, in comfortable seating, in a calm, safe and peaceful environment, where many of you have experienced hypnosis. During the session a CD recording, which you may take with you, is made. Chuck moderates, monitors Jan’s energy, and operates the recording equipment. During the session Jan goes into trance, a somnambulant state, where her ability to speak remains in tact. During the session Chuck, Jan, and you, the client, wear comfortable headsets with microphones, so that your questions may be directly presented to Jeanne through Jan.

The Session Breakdown

The 50-minute session is broken down into a 20-25 minute channeling (during which you speak directly with Jeanne), preceded by an explanation of the procedure, and followed by an interpretation and clarification of the message from Jeanne, with additional input from Jan, if available. Often, during the trance state, Jan is receiving visual and sensory awareness that is impossible to express and interpret while speaking. These phenomena will be addressed and further illuminated during the post-session, while the CD is being finalized for you.

The Cost

Each session lasts for 50 minutes and costs our normal, and very affordable rate of $70. Sessions are scheduled in advance, by appointment only. If a longer session is desired, it must be prearranged and scheduled ahead of time, and the cost adjusted accordingly.

Statement of Understanding

The following statement of understanding, that a channeling session is solely for personal growth, will require your signature before we begin.

“I am fully aware that my participation in a channeling session is to obtain guidance and knowledge, which may be helpful for my personal growth. I assume full responsibility for assessing the value of the guidance, deciding how it might be applicable to my life. I understand that this session is not psychotherapy, nor a command from an evolved being. Only I can decide what is truly right for me, and I maintain that stance as I evaluate the guidance and suggestions of this channeling session.”

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#341 Your Heart is Your Center, Your Connection

A Reader asks a question.

Dear Jeanne,
I have a question concerning my heart center. I have been told, many times in my life, that I “wear my heart on my sleeve.” So over the years, I have come to regard my heart as a source of vulnerability, not as a place of safety and strength. Now as I do my inner work, I feel both safe and unsafe in my heart center. I have no problem keeping my heart “physically strong,” but I have much confusion as to keeping my heart “emotionally strong.” In giving outside sources power over my heart, I gave it away. How can I work on returning my heart to me?

Thank you again for your guidance, as I continue on my path through life.

Sincerely, D.A.D.

Your heart is your center, your connection to the inner you and the outer you. It is the place of confrontation and love, the battleground of good and evil, of temptation and desire, as well as your emotional and vulnerable companion. Your heart center is your place of longing for spiritual content in your life, for it holds within the means of connection to all-knowing and to infinite possibility. It hides within the seeds of your evolutionary potential. More than any other part of your body does it hold your powers of possibility.

It is your center. It is your circle of protection as well as your circle of strength. It offers not only your inner self to you for exploration and learning, but it offers you the opportunity to bring that inner self out into your outer world. And that is your dilemma. How can you be a beautiful spiritual being in a world that does not seem inviting to such a pure and truthful being? How can you expose your tenderness of spirit to the cold and confusing world outside of you? How can you safely live in your place of centeredness, while exposing your vulnerabilities and truths to the world that appears to desire so much of that which is opposed to such spiritual yearnings?

Your strength will come from this place that you now call vulnerable and emotional. Your strength of heart will evolve as you evolve, and as you learn what it means to follow your heart. The heart, the spirit center of your being, will lead you correctly and that is what you must trust. It is the seat of your journey, the truthful knowing center that speaks clearly, and always truthfully. But the rest of you must enter its chamber, and sit quietly, shutting out the noises of your environment in order to hear its clearly chiming message of direction, growth, and presence.

It asks you to be present in now. It asks you to live a balanced life. That may mean different things for different people. Your balance may be a choice between living fully in the world because you have not done that yet, learning how it works, holding your heart center for your knowing guidance as you maneuver the world, the reality of the physical world, the practices of maturing to a responsible, practical, and compassionate being. Or you may be at a place where your balance is shifting now, to a new aspect of life on the spiritual plane. So look at life as being offered to you, as two platters. One is full of all that life and the real world offers to you. The other is a huge platter full of the aspects of spiritual knowing and connection. Both platters offer realities, true worlds of truth and sustenance. Each one must be fully enjoyed, lived, consumed, and taken on during your lifetimes upon that Earth plane. And each can and must be lived with balance in order to evolve.

But there does come a time when a shift happens; a conscious shift, subtle at first, spirit driven; perhaps a lifetime centeredness of intent to go the route of the spirit. A selection is made, perhaps early on, or perhaps much later in life when one realizes that the huge platter of life’s offerings of that world are no longer as enticing as the offerings of the spirit platter. Then is your heart center speaking of a new balance, about to transform you from a person balanced in the physical plane, with a new you, now seeking balance in the spiritual plane.

This time upon that Earth now holds many beings who have finished eating from the platter of worldly enticements, and they are ready, willing, and able to choose now from the spiritual offerings being placed before them. This is a time of transition. There are great forces behind this intent to shift the balance upon that Earth, so that those who are ready may have the opportunity to choose to live life differently, and be accepted now as beings of spirit, rather than solely world beings, or only partially beings of spirit.

The time now is set up for spirit to take over and create a new balance, and that is what you struggle with, My Dear Reader. Your own spirit is not only suggesting to you that you are indeed wholly spirit, but it is challenging you to take on the task of shifting your balance to this aspect of life. You are not alone in your challenges, or your endeavors to seek clarity of the inner self. There are seekers in abundance. Look around you, all My Dear Readers. These words come to you through such seekers. Both Jan and I are of the spirit seeking sort. My Dearest Chuck is wholly spirit driven. Yet do they, my companions in this awakening, reside among you, struggling with the choices that must be made in life, even as you do. But their spirits have pushed forward now, speaking loudly that, yes, this is the only direction to proceed in, for life all around us is changing.

Do you choose to fight the greater intent of the universe, the direction of spirit? I don’t think you do, My Dear Reader, nor do I think many do. But you are afraid to reveal your vulnerability, and your inner tender truths that you seek connection, love, and recognition for your spirit in that world. And that is okay, because you know what? Now is the time for such recognition. Now is the time of shift to spirit balance, away from the golden platter of opportunities in the physical world, now tilting and shifting, and no longer quite as appealing. The platter of light, of true light of self, is available now, and you can safely choose it because it is the new direction for all humanity to go forward in.

Hold your tenderness in your heart center, and know it is one of your truths. Hold your vulnerabilities, your emotions, your fears, and your caring self in your heart center, and recognize these also as your truths. You do not need to hide them, deny them, or bury them. But you do need to accept them as your human attributes that will work well to bring you to a place of spirit balance.

You are safe, My Dear, as you take this journey into your heart centered truths. Your heart-on-your-sleeve approach may not work so well because you deny your SELF then. Put your heart back where it belongs, and allow it to be present for you and your inner work now. Love your SELF for the journey you are taking. Accept your vulnerabilities and your challenges. Don’t hide your heart, or seek to protect it. Let it be your guide and your seeking companion.

Are you choosing this new path, accepting the gifts offered on the platter of spirit, of light, and of evolutionary growth? Yes? I believe I can hear your answer, muffled as it may be. Well, then, My Dear Journeyer, and all of you, My Readers, who also are making choices now, during this time of shift and opportunity, I welcome you to the universe, and into a new way of life!

Allow your knowing heart to reverberate with your choices. You will not be misguided.

#340 Your Indecisiveness Got Your Energy

A Reader asks a question.

Dear Jeanne,
I find myself plagued with indecisiveness. Which shirt to buy, which supplement to take, which healing modality to try, which house to buy… the list is endless. It keeps me up at night and keeps me from remaining present, focused and happy; not to mention it always turns into an obsession. And it seems whatever choice I end up making, is never exactly right.

Why does this happen, and more importantly, how can I stop it? It totally depletes me.

My Dear Reader, your choices in life should not, in truth, focus on the mundanities of that world, such as you describe, but do require the choice to remain aware of the differences between light and dark. Yes, that world does pull often with its enticements, everything from food and wines, to greedy opportunities of desires, wants, and supposed needs. But you must turn always your focus inward, and desire instead clarity and awareness. I think you will find that simplicity, and intent on remaining heart centered, are far better obsessions than attachments to the outer world.

I suggest that focus turn always inward when confronted with a choice. Is this proposition resonant with my growth as an evolutionary being? If focus remains on living a simple life, working on the inner world so that it may become completely revealed and known, so will the outer world, that reality you get so caught by, become clearer as well. Indecisiveness is the meandering between worlds, the path fogged over, the precipice where enticements linger, offering energy draining propositions.

As you say, you just end up “totally depleted” as you waffle and flounder in your mind’s confusion. Well, My Dear Reader, that tells me that your indecisiveness got your energy. You allowed it to take over. In your confusion and blurry thinking, did the presentations of the outer world take over, creating havoc, and stealing your energetic potential. I do admonish detachment from such thoughts, though I understand how this may, at times, seem an impossible task. But keep in mind, that if your mind is cluttered, obsessing and swirling with such busyness, so have you gotten caught in a place of nothingness, for those thoughts do not truly lead you anywhere. And that is what you must be aware of.

Am I wasting my energy thinking about this or that? What does it matter if I buy one shirt or another? Do I really need to spend my time on such trivia? If you are not working on your evolutionary potential, I fear that you are wasting your time.

I do not mean to be cruel or abrupt in my assessment of this obsession with things, and wasted energy spent on non-essentials because I do know that many things are necessary, and many things are simply pleasures that make life more enjoyable. But I do mean to constantly point out your path. And you, My Dear Reader, do get caught in your mind quite often. Far better to take off your head, as I like to say, and reside in your knowing heart center, that pragmatic and faithful companion, the inner self who knows all the answers. Remember that you seek to live a simple life. You seek to become innerly stable, and self-sustaining. You seek clarity of purpose, and awareness of how your energy gets used. If you get caught in obsessive indecisiveness, then must I clearly say, OOPS, you are caught again!

Take off your head, bury it a while, and return instead to your inner knowing that most likely what you have swirling around in your mind is but attachment to feeders and energy seekers.

Even the minutest of leaks may give you access to such depleters of energy, and that is what you must avoid. Protect your energy. You need it for you. You need it for your work.

All of you, My Dear Readers, must learn that taking off your head more often is quite a nice way to gain inner focus, awareness, and a deeper sense of the self as an energy being. If more of you could practice this phenomenon, the better you would be as a channel as well. It is the practice I suggest will work to aid you in connecting with your guides and your mentors in infinity, as well as with your inner self. The heart center is your point of communication, awareness, and knowing, not your head. So open up this spot in your physical body more often.

Give up your head, and remain focused on growing as a spiritual being, leading a simple life, making choices that are conducive to such a life but will also promote your inner potential. If your choices are made from your inner spot of calm resonance, so will they always be gratifying. And even if your choices are, as you say, “never exactly right,” so must I disagree with you there. For all choices, once made, are exactly right, and what you do next matters as well.

Continue your journey, knowing that you are offered much guidance, but you must ask for assistance, not from your busy mind, but instead from your place of inner calm knowing, leaving your head at the door of your busy life, and allowing your inner knowing to do your thinking for you.

I hope this helps you detach and flow more gently now. Your way is clear, though your eyes are not looking in the proper direction. Do not look outward, but do look inward. That is where you will find all the answers to your questions. Good Luck!

#339 You Don’t Need the Outside Energy This Week

Dear Jeanne,
Can you talk about the energy that we are experiencing now, and offer us some guidance on how to deal with it? It is affecting a lot of people’s moods, tempers, and emotions.

The energy spirals upward now to a point in the near future when it will culminate in a burst of gratitude for a rough week of turmoil. Be careful what you say to people now, as this energy does swirl. You might regret it. It is a time of indecision, only because there is no supporting clarity, as this energy creates a whirlwind full of dust and debris.

The best course of action during such a time is to lie low, keeping your face out of the flying dust, guarding your eyes, and keeping your head safe from objects sent propelling by the energy. It is not a time to make rash decisions or have conversations of significance. It is not a time for confrontation either, for in presenting difficult propositions, or truths, do you risk being rejected outright.

I know that this is a time of difficulty for many, but if you remain aware that it is the energy of the universe, the alignment of planetary forces concocting such a milkshake of thick energetic feeling, so can you hunker down and ignore it until it passes, which will be soon. This is not a time that you should be making any progress with. It is a temporary blip in the good underlying energy. In fact, the good underlying energy is at the base of this, sending negative forces shooting out of the way, so that relaxed calm can again proceed.

Your moods, and such, are truly affected by these forceful energetic properties, but that doesn’t mean you need to attach to them. They are but the result of the outward forces. You are left sitting in the dust, as the rocket ship of energy does propel upward now.

Keep yourselves guarded and safe. Do not allow attachment to old ideas of the self to become your mantra, for you have come too far for such baby talk. Speak now the new adult mantras, the ones of an evolving being, the ones of a person on a journey that is often wrought with negative energies.

Remove the darkness from your thoughts and emotions. Stay calm in the storm. Just wait it out in your heart centered space that you have worked so hard to create. That is where you should turn during times of confusion, and times of energetic pulls that are not clearly outside of you, but are, in fact, just that.

You don’t need the outside energy this week. Stick with your own inner energy. Use it to clear up any of your lingering issues and doubts about the rightness of your choices. Sweep doubt out your door, and let it go off into the dust bowl that is swirling outside. Let your doubts and confusions about your own journey be sucked out of you and up into the whirlwind. Then sit back down in your calm, knowing that you are safe, protected, and definitely on the right track. Allow your trust in your self to pick up some momentum now. Create an inner whirlwind in order to spark your interest in your own amazing journey again.

All of you, My Dear Readers, do not get caught by the silliness of this outer energy. Yes, it is dangerous, but it is also quite ridiculous, and that is what you will discover after it is over, if you have gotten caught in it. You will discover that you have acted in quite a ridiculous manner. And if that happens, you’ll just have to let it go, no regrets, but fully learn that the outside energy can be dangerous, as well as helpful. Your awareness of it, however, must be attached to your inner work, and whether or not you really need it.

Do you really need to use the outside energy? Or are you better off sticking with your own inner energy, your inner light; burning a nice and steady glow; a calm pilot light always ready for you to come home to, to light your fire from within, using your own energy.