Our Last Message for 2007

Dear Readers and Journeyers,

Today’s message, #216, is the last message we will post for this year. The next message will be channeled and posted on January 1, 2008.

Over the next few weeks we will be adding some new things to our website, continuing with our intent to maintain a site that is totally available, without commercial attachment or gain. Although we need to make a living and be prosperous, as everyone does, supporting not only ourselves but our college student children, we have made the decision that this website will not be part of that aspect of our lives. In keeping with this mission we continue to offer The Book of Us as a free download, and will do so in the future as well, because in the world we now live it’s time to advance evolution over profit. We will not withhold anything that may be of value to anyone as they make their way through life.

The Book of Us is the story of a partnership between two people who assumed total responsibility for the choices they made in life. Many useful psychological dynamics, for individuals and couples, are interpreted and explained in easily understood terms. The process of evolving from a physical being in this world to an energetic entity in infinity is fully explored in this work. Finally, the process of becoming a channel to life beyond this world while still in the human form is described through Jan’s relationship with Jeanne. The true meaning of “Everything is Possible” and “All Worlds are One World” is the essence of The Book of Us.

We wish you all a very happy and spiritually prosperous New Year.

With warmest regards,

Jan and Chuck

#216 Focus Must Be Placed Ahead of You Now

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Watch your energy so that you do not fall into old habits. This is a time of shift, and focus must be placed ahead of you now, not behind. Remain alert to your forward movement. Keep your focus maintained on growth and expansion of awareness and consciousness, to include not only your own inner process, but awareness of the changing world outside of you as well.

Avoid old patterns of behavior, old tendencies, and traps of repetitive life styles that will keep you entrenched and stuck. For now is a time of change, and the expectation of the energy is that you will ride now upon this energy of change, using it to your advantage so that you enable your self to shift into, not only a new year, soon upon you, but also a new way of life. This is your opportunity to wind down your old ways, your manner of living, your habits, your desires, and unseat your self now from the old means of transport and of travel that no longer function, that no longer move you along on an evolutionary path.

Look now for new roads of growth, new means of travel, and new energy to fuel you on your journey. Break away from all that has been your binding and your captivation, and look for your inner strength to push you forward now into new life. Seek meaning now in your life, true meaning, based not on the world of the past, but on the changing world of the future. Be that future, now, as you shift your own life into a new phase, selecting carefully your means of living now with your spirit as guide. Question your every move based on your new rules of living and change.

Are you truly ready to evolve? If you are, now is the time to take a deep breath and flow with the energy that is there to aid you. Follow your truths, your heart-centered knowing, and stay in your energetic resonance now as the last days of one year fold into a totally new year of great change. If you elect to ride the energy of spirit resonance, and play a new game of life, so will you immediately experience what I mean by shift and change, into a new way of living, as the years do now overlap and intertwine, for a moment or two, before splitting apart. In that moment of conjugal energy is it time to solidify your direction and place your intent upon your desired future path.

A path of spirit is opening up. Will you select it, and the great changes it offers? Or will you slide back into the energy of old and ride that current yet a while longer? It is up to you. But I suggest you take it seriously, for the energy is ready to offer guidance and change, like no other time. And the undercurrent, predictable as it is, may bury you for a lot longer than you’d like, if you choose its familiarity. Look at what life offers you now? There is so much waiting to be discovered. Are you ready for change, or are you going to ride the same train, as it loops around the same track, yet another year or two? Change is available now, great change, but it is up to you to decide your future, and to take full responsibility for your decisions, and every move you make. Now that is really living and growing; deciding to take the evolutionary path by electing the path of determined focus, with total awareness, and the clarity of responsibility that will challenge and test you, but ultimately bring you to your own powerful spirit, quietly waiting to emerge.

Uncover that tender spirit now, and allow it to guide you on your journey. Allow it to be the captain, rather than the captive, and allow it to lead you where it is right and proper for you to go, in order to meet the energy of change as it swirls through the moment of shift. Your spirit will recognize it and guide you to make the choices that are right for growth, even as the world around you does now strongly exhibit signs of much needed change, signaling to all of you that it is inevitable. Why not make your move now, when everything is aligned to aid you. For if you wait, may your attempts be more difficult, but still not impossible. I suggest you all take this time of shift very seriously, and study it for your own progress, and be alert to what the world itself is suggesting is necessary. Change is here. Do you see it?

#215 Shift Your Questing Perspective Now

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for today?

Nothing is inconsequential. Allow for experience, allow for truth to emerge, and trust to be granted and tested, but do not dismiss the ordinary signs that are daily placed before you. Learn to read them differently now. Stand back in your new place now and observe and live your life differently. You have learned a lot, absorbed a lot of new ideas and concepts, yet must you find a way to invite them to partake in your life now. Invite them in by shifting your questing perspective now. Do not look for what life offers you, but look to discover, from a new perspective with your new understanding of energy and of possibility, for life to unfold in a new manner now. Notice life unfolding differently now. It is only a matter of you changing your outlook, shifting your perspective, opening to possibility, and trusting that everything is possible.

Look now upon your past year with your new eyes, and your new heart, and then bring in your new understanding of life and energy, and discover that you have already perhaps been living life differently for quite a while. Do you wish for more change still? Well, request it, and you will be offered what you desire. But you will receive what you desire only if you know how to “see” what you are being offered.

#214 Maintain Awareness of Interconnectedness With All Life

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity on this day of Christmas Eve?

Consider your self one being, in the flow of humanity that does now reside upon that earth, all interconnected by energetic force and compliance with the laws of nature that do course through you all. Maintain awareness of interconnectedness with all life now, as you go into your homes and your hearts for each other. Amid awareness of those who reside closest to you, do extend your awareness beyond your own doors now, and understand the larger container of earthbound energy.

All does not lie sweetly silent, but does, in fact, reverberate with great energetic force, resounding upon that earth with such magnitude, capable of awakening the slumbering, and alerting to the possibility of change and of evolution. With new awareness now in your hands, your eyes, your hearts, begin to shift to a new consciousness, even as the world around you asks for this shift as well.

There are many more now gathering, but what is the true reason for such gathering? Who holds forth true awareness now, and dares to present the first push in a new direction? Who dares to ask for simplicity of living, awareness of energy, and concern for all of mankind as never before? Who dares to rock the boat, and allow for upset, in order to create a new focus and a new desire for life? Place yourselves now upon your new paths, with your awareness honed, your consideration of energy and resonance of spirit as your guiding forces now. Desire change in your own life, creating a new world with your own intent.

Everything is Possible. Keep that mantra before your seeking eyes, and be aware of what comes to greet you in this time of gift giving and receiving. Your awareness, if you allow it, will present you with your own gifts of change. Focus now upon your inner gifts of knowledge, and acknowledge your small place in that vast world as being of importance, and significant for the evolution of all. Give your awareness, your energy, and your love now. That is all that matters.

#213 A New World Has Arrived

Dear Jeanne,
Wow, the week has gone by quickly. It’s Friday again already and the holidays are soon upon us. Do you have a message for this weekend?

Abide by the new rules of demeanor, and guide your selves through the coming days with foresight and intent upon progress. Your path lies waiting your discovery. Do not hide from that which attempts to aid you in your growth. Do not block the steps that appear to lead you where you need to go. Do not thwart your own spirit as it requests your participation in continued growth. For even as this season does approach and does tease with habits of old, so is this a new year, and new directives have become your habit now.

To remain in true spirit balance now must “simplicity” be your main mantra. As the holidays seek your attention, allow for a shift as you remind your self often of the new simplicity that is required by your seeking spirit self and the world at large now. There is little room for indulgence, but utter clarity, in the fact that there remain many ideals as yet uncovered that need attention, is necessary. Offer gifts of knowledge to your self often now. Remind constantly that the path is different, the world is different, the expectations are different. Change your own world now during this great time of shift, and enable further growth to take place before the New Year arrives.

Guard your energy, but give of it as well. Hide your intent from prying eyes, but reveal it in your outer being. Do not fall into old habits, but do remain active in your daily rituals of this season. Remain steadily balanced and seeking correction if you falter or get drawn into old places. Aid your self by recalling the new words of guidance to remind you to remain bathed in simplicity, focused, with your spirit invited to participate as never before.

Do not be afraid by the frightening turn of events that may shake the world as a great shift now takes place. Do not succumb to thoughts of flight or frantic notions of devastation, but take in what you have been learning, and know that this is what life is needing now. A great shift is imminent. How you react, now, is important. Do you flow with your calm spirit, so ready for growth? Or do you choose to return to old habits of behavior? Even a reluctant spirit offers growth, and progress can be made as you attempt to decipher meaning in seemingly meaningless events. But always is there a message.

Everything is meaningful. Everything is possible, and everything is part of a process of evolution. Do not forget these things. Your days may be quiet, with little blips of disturbance, or they may be nervous and agitated, with a great shift to rock your boat. But no matter how you react to the consequences of this time of shift, so maintain, in your awareness, that all is necessary. Whether but a seemingly small blip or a loud and shattering BOOM, so will a great shift occur. This I have no doubt about. Will you notice it taking place if your interference is of the quieter sort? Or will you run and hide if your shift arrives in loud overhead interference? Either way, you may miss the message, but think on it later, and follow your inner knowing. It will guide you to understand what my messages have sought to teach, that a new world has arrived, and life must be lived differently now, with awareness, and with truth, and with spirit pointing the way. It is inevitable.

Keep your awareness always in your pocket. Even as you enjoy your holidays, or if you are not the celebrating sort maintain always your vigilance of spirit awareness. Life seeks to teach even greater awareness; and we seek to aid you in being available to that awareness at all times. As shift takes place in your life, remember to shift your own awareness to wondering where the lesson is. And what is the meaning? And what step comes next? And what does this mean in the larger context of my journey and my evolutionary growth? It’s all about growing, learning, and journeying ever onward.