#49 Learn What Energy is Capable Of

Dear Jeanne,
I feel like you want to talk about the energy again and how we should approach it. Is this your focus today?

Yes, but I also speak with a warning against abandoning yourselves to it, to the power of the energy. You would not throw yourself into a swirling vortex, would you? You would not leap into a swirling, choppy river offering only certain death, would you? Well, consider the energy around you as powerful and violent if you do not approach it with care and with concern for your wellbeing. It can capture you unaware, and drag you into its fury if you are not careful. But, it also has the power to take you far on your journey if you take your time and prepare yourself well. Acknowledge its power, at all times remain aware of it, and consider each step you take, each act upon your journey with this in mind.

I requested that you look for resonance in the energy, your personal resonance, so that your movement into the flow would be right for you. This I continue to advise. Be thoughtful, be calm, and be always attentive to what is pulling at you, or pushing you, so that your choices in life may be wise ones.

I have concern that many may simply abandon themselves to the energy, and that is not a good idea. I propose, that the best method will also need much work, and will require that you proceed slowly, with deep contemplation, so that your steps are correct, and your endeavors fruitful. I realize that it may take some experimentation; that you may have to experience what the energy is capable of doing to you first, before you understand my concerns. You may notice that you continue to be caught in old habits, or you are slow to get out of a difficulty you find yourself in. This may be not only your own inability to change, but also the energy teasing you and keeping you caught, in essence holding you under its power, until you realize where you are and what you have been consumed by. Clarity will eventually come, and when it does, when your head has cleared, look at your recent mistakes with hindsight and intelligence, and learn what the energy is capable of, so that you will recognize it when you are on the verge of repeating a similar loss of self-power.

Back to the idea of finding your resonance, even in this powerful energy that now surrounds you. There is no going back now. This you must keep in mind. The energy is around you and you are in it. Have no doubt about this. But, as always, the choice is yours, of whether you wish to engage it for your growth, or lay back a little longer. You will be affected by it no matter which choice you make. But, as I began this message by being concerned about abandoning yourself to the energy, I wish to return to talking about your responsibility to remain as a mature, deeply contemplative individual as you proceed on your journey.

As you look for resonance in your life now is it advisable to do so from your place of calm and not from your place of eagerness. Eagerness is good, but calm is better. Eagerness will inevitably result in a few mistakes, but calm will lead you correctly to make the right steps. Be concerned about your direction, and look always for resonance of spirit as you proceed, this is how you will have success.

Leave aside now more of your old habits so that you have fewer barbs for the energy to catch upon and your entry into it will be smoother. You want to remain clearheaded at all times, calm, and deeply thoughtful about every move you make, reading the signs, and feeling your own resonant energy to guide you correctly.

I do not advocate rushing into anything, but I do advocate being daring. These are two different concepts. One, the rushing ahead, is laced with abandon, and reckless, unplanned action. Daring is an attribute that is a highly prized quality that, if utilized well, will aid you as you go forward in your life, knowing by your calm centeredness when it is appropriate to be daring and when it is foolhardy to be so.

So, today, please study your own life, your own situation and see if you are working from a place of thoughtful centeredness, or are you being a bit lazy and not staying focused, allowing yourself to be dragged along without being in control. Open your eyes, but also open your spirit a little bit more, and allow it to guide you to recognize the resonant energy that will speak directly to you and lead you properly. You want your journey to be flowing don’t you? Well, as always, it’s up to you, but I can point out a few things that might help you along the way. That’s all; I’m just helping you along the way.

#48 Encrustment

Dear Jeanne,
I keep hearing the word encrustment. Is that what you want to talk about today? What do you mean by it?

You will not have success accessing the energy and dipping your wholeness into the flow as long as you remain trapped in your encrustment of old. To enter the energy flow must you achieve a semblance of fluidity. In order to tap into your resonant energy flow that is now swirling upon that earth must you meet it with equal flow. Otherwise, your attempts to fully engage in its power will falter.

I know this is a time of great confrontation and change. I know that many are being dared, not only because of my encouragement, but because of the reality of life, to make great shifts in their lives. In order to do so smoothly and be available to access the energy that will carry you forward must you make a concerted effort to disengage from old ways, snap yourself free of your old shells of protection and denial, and step forward, freed of those old encrustments, so that your entry into life can happen differently now.

To stay bound, whether it be to a mental construct, a physical construct, a societal construct, or a construct originally placed upon you in your unknowing, does not matter. What does matter is that you have become supremely aware of such a construct, and now are you becoming aware of the need to dismantle it. For you have begun to learn and to experience a greater dimension beyond the normal constructs, a new view of life, and a deeper view of spirit, and the possibilities that life in its many layers holds for you. You have discovered that life is much more than you have been taught. Aside from what you’ve learned as a child and through your youth and into adulthood have you also taken upon your shoulders many other burdens, or constructs, that have ruled your life and kept you encapsulated in old ways that are no longer applicable to your new life and your new intentions.

Encrustments can be broken, peeled away, and discarded, that is the beauty of them. They are not really that difficult to remove once you decide to take them off you. Your ability to make the decision has been honed now, and it is just your reluctance that holds you back, from cracking, on the inside, the shell that holds you from your true self, your true energy, and your true abilities.

As the energy invites, so do I know you desire its company in your life. I know you are eager to engage it, and I also know how difficult it is to leave old ways and old comforts. Did I not have to do such a thing myself when I left that earth? I resided quite fiercely in a worn, depleted body, yet did I fight to remain in it, even though it had done all it could for me. I did not want to leave it, though it could no longer help me, nor could it offer any growth. To throw aside that encrustment and escape into pure energy was my own supreme challenge.

You are not at such a place yet, I hope, but you are surely at a place of growth, and that is what you must look forward to. Reluctance is but an old technique, an old habit. That too I learned, for in my release did I find energy, more than enough to take me forward. The energy now awaiting your own energy is of this sort, energy that is helpful, guiding, and prepared for your growth.

Give up your fears, your reluctance, your old habits of holding yourself in, and exude now release, and accept the possibility of energetic growth. Do what you personally need to do to chip and crack away at your encasement, even as the seeds in the ground and the buds on the trees do also need to crack through the encasement that holds them protected. But now is the protection no longer necessary. The only thing that can happen now is growth. It is inevitable.

So, as you have contemplated your situation, and begun to feel the energy around you over the past few days, have you not also wished to release yourself from your physical and mental woes, the constructs of old habits that hold you so tight and inhibit your growth? Do you not wish to find the key to your own release? It resides only inside you, and you alone. But, you are being offered guidance, and good advice to lead you forward to new life on many levels. But, it is up to you. The daring and the bravery both must come from you, to truly burst forth from your encasement and fully experience the energy of growth and evolution.

The buds upon the trees and bushes know that they cannot halt their growth. They know the inevitability of life’s energy and the force of nature that will bring them forth into wholeness, into their new form, their future selves. They do not have the power to resist such energy, nor do they wish to, for they flow in the energy of life at its most basic and beautiful. You too have access to this life force of nature. You too are a creature, a bud, an aspect of nature that is fully capable of going with the flow of energy.

Continue to feel this energy. Find your ability inside you to release yourself from your encasement, and become as the tiny bud, the seed, eager to burst forth and find what new form you are capable of. This is all about growth you know. Life is about growth. Why do you hesitate? It is inevitable. Now is as good a time as ever, and by that I mean, that it is truly the best time ever to go with the flow, and grow.

#47 Energy Song

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today and all who are making decisions to step into the energy of change as you have dared us?

I want you to feel the energy. I want you to not only take my word for it that it exists, but I want you to experience it, first hand, so that you understand what I am speaking of when I speak of the power of this energy now upon that earth.

There is really no better way than to experience it in your calm place of balance. It is vibrant energy, able to be felt physically, as well as psychically. Your own personal energy, your spirit energy, is alive with it, and this you can tap into as you center yourself.

Take the time now to meditate in calmness. Isolate yourself as often as possible and give yourself permission to sit in the energy flow and feel it as it swirls around and through you. This is very possible, especially if you recall my earlier message regarding the energy of your spirit being like water, and your physical self also being as nothing but oxygen and molecules in action. You are but pure energy, so of course you can feel energy.

Become pure vibratory energy. In your calm center find you spirit vibration and bring it to a place of awareness so that you will feel the energy that is now around you as more vibrant still, more forceful, and felt as pressing lightly against your own energy, urging you, pushing you, and guiding you. If you acknowledge the feel of it, then will you also be able to tap into it and allow it to take you forward on your journey, the only fuel you need.

Find your own vibratory resonance in this flow and you will find a good match for your personal energy body. This resonance, this personal match will be your guide and you will know that you are on the right track by the feel of this responding energy as it hums and sings to match your own spirit song.

Energy hums and sings; though you may not hear it with your ears your spirit will recognize it and know when it has met its perfect match. This will happen only if you stay in your center long enough to know well your own personal energy song. You may already know it well, or you may have had glimpses of it, or you may have not yet felt it clearly, but it does exist, and you will know it, recognize it, and desire more of it once you realize that it is your truth, your calm, and your balance and that it desires connection to you as well.

So, this energy balance is the next thing to cultivate from your place of calm physical and spiritual balance that you have been learning. Try to find this over the next few days and see if you can feel that great energy of change flowing around you, even as you can feel air and water flowing around you, and the whisper of your own knowing. Go deeper now and become pure energy in your meditation. You do not have to go anywhere with it. Just find it and feel it in you, and then find and feel it outside of you. This is good practice. For in the future will you need this understanding of energy in order to proceed on your journey into newness and to learn to trust that energy is life, and energy is all that matters, both on that earth and elsewhere. For energy affects everything, but how can you understand this if you do not experience first your own energy and then the energy around you? See where this takes you!

#46 Into the Inevitable

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any advice for us all today? What is the state of the world energy now, and how does that affect our own decisions and choices?

The energy that swirls upon that earth, as I have said many times, seeks change among you as inhabitants and protectors, users and abusers of that great planet, but it also requests that you begin with change upon your own self, that you may affect greatly all around you as you confront your own truths. The energy does not swirl gently, but it pushes and asks for commitment and dedication to the things that really matter. It asks that trivialities be pushed aside like old playthings, and serious endeavors to change and face truth now be exercised.

Upon each of your shoulders is the need to decide a new path now. That is what the energy pushes for, invites you to do, and gives you no choice, really. For what choice do you really have if there is no going back, no option but to move forward into the inevitable? Even if you do not, at this time, choose change, it is coming anyway. Change is coming whether or not you elect to go with change in your personal life.

So, what are your options, to stay stuck, and await the inevitable smothering, as change blankets you and leaves you in continual fog? Or, do you choose to acquiesce to the inevitability of change, and greet it with excitement, wondering where it will take you? Do you hide now under the covers, or do you choose to stand boldly and accept the inevitable? Change will happen now no matter what you decide in your own life to do. Will you partake, or will you hunker down and pretend it is not happening? Will you go with the flow of life and this grand change, or will you sit like a rock in the stream while all energy flows around you?

The energy will flow past like water, anyway. Do you choose to engage and grow, evolve, and find new life? Do you choose to see where it takes you, both in your inner life and your outer life? Do you dare? That seems to be the challenge now at hand for all mankind: do you dare to clearly see and acknowledge the truth and ride the clarity of energy as the opportunity arises?

Even in your stagnancy will you be affected, have no doubt about this, for on a worldwide level is there now great changes to come, monumental shifts, and unexpected calamities that will affect all upon that earth. Do you choose to pretend that it is not so? Do you choose to lie to yourself and continue to uphold a fallacy that will keep you in oblivion? Or, do you choose now to observe with clarity, to accept the truth as it is revealed to you, and to make decisions based on what you know and your new outlook on life?

You have been offered not only this challenge, but you have also been challenged to take your new learning to a new level. Your awareness is greater now. Your ability to perceive your world, and the greater world, differently, has slowly been developing to a keen awareness that reality has many definitions and many layers. Do not forget what you know. Do not push aside your knowing spirit as you ask yourself the questions that will lead you to the right path. Do not be afraid. If you keep in mind that change is inevitable anyway, then your choice becomes one of deciding to flow with change or standing still against the change. The change is coming, that I guarantee. So, how do you want to conduct yourself, your life, your gathering awareness, during this time of change?

You have made a commitment to growth and evolution. Is it but half-hearted? Are you playing games? Are you dipping into the flow of energy with no real interest or total commitment? Do you seek to change or not? I guess that is the advice I offer today, to find whether or not your convictions are real and truthful, and whether or not you truly desire growth on many levels. You will have changes, opportunities, and much energetic help available over the next months and years. There has not been this example of energy exchange in a long time. The magnitude of this energy force is phenomenal, so watch out.

Uncork your bottle that holds in your true spirit. Allow the fear to be removed so that your choice is based on awareness, truth, and the reality of life, both your own and the life of the world around you. Change is inevitable. Find now your way to make it become part of your life with acceptance, excitement, and anticipation, and your journey will be less stressful and more flowing. Acquiesce to the inevitable and you will find that your journey will become even clearer and your place in life more defined. After all, is this not what you seek, your true purpose in life? Well, the door to reality has just opened, but it takes you making the decision to walk through it before anything can happen. If you stand there too long trying to decide you may be pushed through by an intense wave of energy anyway, or it may simply wash over you and leave you wondering what just happened? Either way will you find, that change has occurred.

Step into the energy now. Allow change to enter your life. Find the springtime of growth, your own springtime of growth. Participate in it fully with your inner knowing, your innate abilities now waking up and asking for light and water and nurturing cultivation in order to continue growing. Give yourself the gift of change, and you give yourself the gift of life and the opportunity for evolution on the spirit level.

Awaken. Find your inner spirit and coddle it, center it, balance it, and dare it now to step out into the air and the light and become your guide, your companion, and your new self. Feel the beauty of this new life you have inside you that wants to live and grow and take you where you need to go.

Do not read my messages and then forget about them, for then are you not actively learning and seeking growth. Let the words, the ideas, the propositions I pose become internally active, and allow them to resonate as your life progresses and unfolds. Do you not experience what I am suggesting? Do you not feel the energy? Are you reading the signs in your life? Are you training your awareness? My messages will be mere words unless you work them into your life as meaningful and helpful assistance to a life that is complicated, eventful, and often frightening. But, if you keep your awareness tuned to looking for resonance, eventually will you understand the significance of what I speak of.

I speak to the individual, but I also speak to the masses. I encourage you, as an individual, to grow and become aware of your inner world, but I also encourage you to become more aware of your outer world, when you are ready. For your inner world and your outer world must be in balance or your progress will be slow. You exist there, in that one level of reality that is earth time, but you also exist in your individual and your spirit realities. In order to become cognizant of all of those realities, simultaneously able to see the truths of all, and with the ability to see what is now hidden from your eyes that remain fixed on earth time reality, must you maintain equal balance in all your worlds.

This will happen, the feel of it will come to you in brief moments of clarity as you experience energy and resonance, as you read the signs and test their validity, as you become scientists of alternate realities, and as you remain focused on growth. You have learned balance in your life on one level, now extend it further so that your calm and your balance extend into your other realities. Calm your tensely muscled body, that is your vehicle, and allow your spirit release as you uncork it from the confines of that structured reality you call your world. Allow it to calmly explore as you maintain your balance. Take with you all that you experience and place it firmly in your knowing. Allow it to seek explanation in the terminology that you have been learning as you read my messages. Allow your inner knowing to trust what you experience as real, but also give yourself access to truth at all times, and let truth be your guide. Your experiences will become your truths, and this will be how you know that you can trust your decisions and your learning of awareness.

So, today I urge a little daring of you all. I encourage some bravery and trust in your new abilities to guide you and take you where you need to go, forward, into the inevitable. I’ll see you on the other side of the doorway.

#45 Forge a New Rivulet

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any messages for us today, on this first day of spring?

Be open to everything now. Do not dismiss anything as being insignificant. Do not fall back into old patterns of doubt or stuckness. Now is the time of growth, not re-growth but new growth, for spring is the awakening time, but it is also a time of rejuvenation and newness. From the old roots now come new shoots never before seen or experienced, new life that has, as yet, not tilted towards the sun or felt the nurturing rains or the playful winds.

Allow your own spirit to feel and exhilarate in this newness that is not only all around you, but in you as well. Allow the new habit of awareness to seep deeper into your knowing. Be open now to all that exists in your world. Regard your place there and know, by your intent and your openness, that all that comes to you is wanting your engagement. Understand growth differently now. With your new awareness of otherness, of other energies and other factors as having not only significance but also power in your life, allow your spirit to remain open so that your awareness may flourish even as the wild oats and flowers do flourish.

I am merely suggesting that your awareness has grown to a certain keenness now and the loss of that keenness would be a shame at this pertinent time, a time of true awakening and eagerness for growth.

Are you not eager in your soul for springtime and the growth that it affords? Are you not ready to continue your practice of awareness, to notice and experience your life differently now? Take advantage of this beginning of new life all around you, to tap into the powerful energy of it. Realize, that even as dormancy has laid its heavy head upon the ground and kept life slumbering so has your spirit also resided in dormancy by the heavy head of life upon it. But now, the magic of the times and the energy that has been building inside the earth, and in your own spirit, requests that you allow it to burst forth now in its eagerness for new life.

Elect to ride the energy, as the natural world elects to ride it. Find yourself as new, and growing, as the flowers and the trees. Allow yourself to spread your wings and become as the birds flying to and fro, preparing their nests for new life. Prepare your own spirit daily for this excursion into and this explosion of new life. We have long been at work teaching and learning many new things. Now is your time of experience. Time to put you learnings to the test. Time to remain open, aware, and permissive, so that your world now opens its doors to new cognitive realities as you read the signs, notice the abilities you have developed, and continually allow your innocence to be your guide.

Your innocence is your root from which all of these things spring, if you allow them to. Your innocence is opening the door to the energy of spring, breathing in the fresh air, and wanting permission to step out and discover, perhaps for the first time, the unbelievable magic of new life.

I offer only the guidance for you to do this. I offer, but you control your decisions and your openness. Are you ready to continue now on your journey, ready to “see” what actually awaits you now? Take your innocence by the hand. For a few moments forget everything that troubles you and gently urge your innocence out the door. It’s okay now. Don’t be afraid. There is only a new fascinating life awaiting your exploration of it. That’s all, just a new life wanting you to notice it, experience it, and continue to grow from it.

Seek always your calm. Find your balance. Give yourself permission to trust all the signs that come to lead you on your way as being important, and necessary, but most of all, directly present for you and your attention. So, pay attention to them. They are there for you to notice, to question, to utilize, and to continually discover a new life unfolding as your awareness hones to a new sharpness.

Allow life to be magical and it will be magical. Allow your innocence to lead you and you will enter a new reality. Allow your knowing to speak to you and in your new awareness will you hear it more clearly. Allow your truth to be spoken and your seeing to be real. All of these things must you test and experience in order to grow, and now is as good a time as any to begin the test.

Unearth your energy. Release it now from its old shell. Let it burst forth as the energy inside the buds in nature do wish to burst forth. Give it freedom to be your catalyst now, and see what new life will develop from your central energy zone; your spirit and your knowing, that is.

Close your eyes a little while now and listen. What are you really hearing? Is it life, energy, spirit, and innocence that you hear as it wakes up and begins a new period of growth unencumbered by memory or fear, simply alive and bursting with energy? Give your own spirit the same energetic freedom now to take you on an adventure, whether it be a small one, an acceptance of a new self in the world perhaps, or a big adventure that will dramatically change your life. If you follow your spirit, your inner knowing, reading all the signs in your life as you turn your back on the old ones, so will you have enough guidance to choose wisely a new path.

There are many new paths of energy now opening up upon that earth. There is a river of life energy overflowing its banks, seeking connection, and offering progress for anyone who desires the challenge of forging a new rivulet that eventually will lead to a new river of energetic force. Find your rivulet, your new path of growth, now, while this energy bursts forth, and you will have success as you ride its positive charge that will carry you forward into newness. Allow your spirit the freedom to take you there, into a whole new world. You never know where you might end up, but believe me, it will be pretty incredible. That, I can guarantee. Everything now upon that earth points in the direction of growth and change, even drastic change. Are you ready for it?