#6 Balance Your Surfboard

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a short message for humanity today?

Look now at this peak, as the year ends and a new one begins, not as a final aspect of life for a time, but as the beginning and continuation of all life. For life does not end, but is in continual flow, with ebbs and surges, as the ocean ebbs and flows. This is a time of surge now, as a wave surges and soon crashes upon the shore. Seek time to contemplate how you will handle the crashing of the wave upon the rocky shore, upon the sandy beach, or upon the grassy marsh that is your life. Do you reside in rough circumstances? Do you reside in smooth area now, of a life that is kind and slow? Do you reside in troubled times?

Find your equilibrium first, before you react to the circumstances in your own life, as this time of surge breaks into crashing waves upon the shore. Balance yourself on the surfboard that is your daily life and ride the waves now with balance. In this manner will you find that even the biggest wave may carry you far, and you will have neither fear, nor harm, if you can maintain your even balance. To be unstable, unprepared, and awkward upon that surfboard that is now your life will teach you much that you need to know. So, do not worry if your equilibrium is not perfected, and if you fall into the waves and find yourself ground into the turbulence that ensues, so will you learn that life will take you where you need to go anyway.

I teach balance to those of you now upon that earth, for it is necessary in order to more smoothly ride the surf, and flow through life, and avoid the collision course that life may urge upon you. But with firm balance are you better able to grip your board and survive well the thrills and trials of life.

I have warned that the times of lull will soon pass and that life will take on a new aspect of danger, and choices will be presented. With equilibrium and balance, with moderation in all things in that life will this new phase of deliberate awakening be better accessed and better approached. Do not worry as I speak of such approaching storm, for it is inevitable. The world now needs and desires change, and what the world wants, the world gets, and man must learn to accept and flow with the changes.

As you find your own balance in your own life, both in your external worldly life and in your internal spiritual life, so will you discover, that no matter what occurs outside of you, so will you be better prepared, and the impact will be as the flow of the ocean, and the riding of waves upon the shore will become natural and your ability to surf will develop well, and your natural talent to navigate that which comes into your life will innately and instinctively guide you to safety.

Do not run from the thrill of life upon that earth. Even as I urge you to go innerly, so do I also urge you to participate in as much life as you need in order to fulfill your duties there. Be the person you must be, for that is how you will evolve. Follow your muse, your own spirit, at all times, and live your life to the fullest. You will be impacted by the rightness of your spirit as you go, guiding you correctly and well, and bringing you to a place of universal love, compassion, and understanding, where life will eventually smooth out, and your vision will become clearer as the rough seas calm down. Eventually, will you walk upon the shore in calmness, in equilibrium, that will indicate your maturity into a life of true harmony, both with your own spirit, and the world around you.

I am not inclined to tell you much more today, except that I request a calm approach from your centered self, in everything you undertake. Watch the world around you, and learn detachment in order to learn the balance I speak of. In this manner will you function and grow to a point of perfect balance. Happy New Year, my sweet traveling companions! Be safe, be joyous, but remain always spirit focused, in your inner place of calm, and you will do well.

#5 All Things are Possible

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Go now vigorously into new life! Do not berate the self for that which has passed, but instead, move forward now, gathering momentum that will propel you forward into the study of possibility. The trust in possibility will guide you as you discover both the signs that appear to guide you and your own knowing of rightness and truth in your life. Find always your equilibrium, your calm balance, and work from this place of internal calm. Your place in the world will thus reflect this, and your doings will be impacted. Your living, your attempts to progress, both in that world and in your inner world will be also impacted by your calm state of balance.

Be open always to possibility. This means learn to trust that you are daily offered the opportunity to experience connection, to be guided correctly, and to have experiences that are meaningful, both to your spirit now on earth, and your continued evolution in infinity.

Trust all the gifts that you are given. Do you dare to acknowledge what your spirit strives to point out to you? Do you dare to accept guidance? Do you dare to trust that what you are now learning is truly meaningful, not only for this moment of reading, but also in your daily life, your reality?

Look at your world differently now. Do you wish for change? Then, opt for change and you will receive the signs that lead you to newness. The choice is yours. Do you choose to take a step, even a small step in a new direction? Please, I offer you this knowledge: that all you need to do to progress into new life is to dare, and to begin by stepping forward into that new life. Once you make even a tiny step do you then open the door to possibility.

All things are possible. Do not ever doubt this. Keep this as a mantra as you go into life, for it will enable you to begin to trust the signs that point your way, and allow you to accept them as important steps. With the door to possibility wide open are you offered glimpses into, not only your own future growth, but also the possibilities that exist for all mankind. But, the key remains choice, your ability to choose change, and to dare to accept it as it is presented to you.

Many in that life on earth prefer to remain in oblivion, unaware of their own spirit knocking on the door and asking to be released. Many prefer to keep the awakening spirit asleep or in quiet slumber, because the spirit requests change and presents challenges that may disrupt the steady life that one considers so important. But, does that life without spirit energy really offer anything fulfilling? That is the question that all eventually are presented with. The answer lies waiting. Many answer the question with renewed attachment to life on earth, digging deeper into the desires and platitudes that life on earth presents daily. Many others begin to hear their inner spirit as it wakes up and asks for acknowledgement, and desires expression, and not only voice, but action.

There comes this time in life for all, sometimes early, sometimes late, sometimes not until the very last moment of life upon that earth, but at all times is it possible to grasp hold of that spirit energy and live it. There is, at all times, the possibility of this spirit growth and spirit change to come awake inside you and guide you on your individual path.

Continue your quest to understanding how your own spirit works and how it offers guidance. For each of you have within you the possibility, and the capability, to hear what it is saying and to pay attention and to follow it, if you dare. Remain always calm and balanced, and in this state will your own inner voice become clearer to you, and may you dare to listen and to begin your own further awakening. Be brave. This is good.

#4 Rediscover Gravity

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message today?

Resolve issues of the self as you continue your journey, for all life upon that earth is part of a greater journey, the journey of the soul, the ancient spirit in all of us that gathers its energy daily and seeks experience there to fulfill its needs. Seek to resolve issues that block you from fulfilling this journey you now live. In your daily life resolve to notice, and attempt to tackle, with open awareness all that keeps you bound to old ways. In order to evolve, to complete a lifetime upon that earth, with truth and honesty must one make the decision to understand the meaning of that life more fully.

Discover gravity again. By this I mean, discover the reason for your own being on that earth. Discover why you are so firmly planted there now. Find your center, your calm center, and work outward from there investigating your lifeline and discover why you are there, what you have learned, and who you must become, for all have still the possibility of becoming more. This is part of evolution. You do not stop unless you choose. Do you say, I am a such and such, and stop there? Or do you choose to continue discovering who you are again and again? This would be the evolutionary choice. But first must one begin a process of recapitulation, re-grounding upon that earth, to clearly understand your journey thus far. To be open to continual growth must one be able to move onward, unburdened of all that has befallen one in that life. And this aspect of growth involves the clear understanding that what has befallen you on your journey was meant to be part of your learning, and part of your growth as well. Do you choose now to see yourself as a warrior, on a journey of the soul that encompasses who you really are?

I invite you to take an evolutionary journey with me and the many soul-journeyers who have chosen the evolutionary path. Once you have rediscovered your own gravity, understood your own lifespan, and clearly understand the path thus taken, then can you begin to unburden yourself of that earthly gravity and begin to experience other worlds where such gravity does not exist or weigh you down.

To begin experiencing life in a different manner is a fine way to begin the new year that is soon upon you. To understand life in a new way, to charge yourself with beginning life now as a true warrior, whether man, women, or child, but as a strong contender to live life with awareness now, is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Allow yourself to enjoy that life, for it is where you now stand and what you now need to accomplish for the completion of your soul. Allow your ancient spirit to guide you; even as I offer guidance so do you have within your own innate guide to lead you where you need to go. Learn to question your life differently now. Do not ask why is this happening to me with despair, but ask with wonder and anticipation. Fulfill your chores of that life and move quickly to your next task, evolve daily, if possible, and you will find that your life will take on, not only new meaning, but also new direction and joy.

I encourage you all to begin this journey now with me. I invite you into my world of adventure and growth. Be brave, my daring companions. You are not alone. We await your participation on this new journey. All of this is good.

#3 Time of Lull

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a short message for humanity today?

Now in this time of quiet and lull reflect and prepare the self for the journey ahead. There is now a time of self-reflection that is pertinent, important, and crucial, not only for the self and the personal journey, but also for the world’s journey. For this is a time of grand transition, of flux, and of change like no other. To become cognizant of this approaching phenomenon is to be given a gift. To be assigned a role in this is also a gift. I encourage all of you to begin to take on the task of becoming part of this grand transition by becoming whole and enabled by your own spirit.

As I continually say, it is the duty of the individual to take on the charge of self-discovery and self-truth and in this manner be able to guide not only the journey of the self, but be a beacon for others also ready to transition. By this I mean, become ready to understand the greater picture of the reality of life on earth as only a small aspect of life, and reality as existing on many planes.

There are ahead of all of you many experiences in life, both there on earth as you discover your direction, your true direction, as you trust your knowing spirit, and as you trust the guidance you are given. Allow for growth at all times. Do not be afraid to explore your own truths that will point you in the direction you need to go. Allow yourselves access to others upon similar journeys, aware also of continued life, connection now, and also eager to learn more.

This is what my mission encourages, it encourages exploration and discovery and acknowledgment of possibility. I welcome you all into such possibility with new awareness of your own place in the world as having not only importance, but impact. For even in your daily energy do you affect and have impact in that world, and as you gain confidence in your learning and in your discoveries of your own journey so will you have even greater openness and clarity of what I speak of.

Begin now a new life of discovery. Go unafraid into your own life with open eyes and open hearing, and begin to see the world, not as your enemy, but as your trusty learning ground where you are being given every gift possible. You just have to become aware and experience all that truly exists there.

I am happy to begin to see the stirrings of the awareness on a larger scale as many are given permission now, through their own daring, to access not only what I speak of, but what truly resonates within.

Look now forward to life on a greater scale, for even as you go in and do your always necessary inner work, purifying your past, so that your present may be unencumbered, so do you find that you will go also out into the world more openly and with greater appreciation of your own journey; a journey that discovers your own deepness, but also your own expansiveness, as well.

I advise all to take quiet each day, even if just for a few seconds at a time, to establish inner quiet and inner balance, and in this manner retain your good position so that your journey may flow well and your awareness grow. All of this is good.

#2 Find Your Center

Dear Jeanne,
Yesterday I sent out your message into the world and I’d like to send out today’s message as well. Do you have a message for humanity today?

Yes, a message of peace and calm for not only is this the Christmas season, but it also is a time of lull and quiet. The universe is in a holding pattern awaiting change that may seem abrupt once it arrives on your doorstep, but in reality has long been in preparation. I regard all mankind as ready, both to receive my messages, and to begin an awakening process. No man or woman or child is not ready, but many do not trust such missives, many are totally unaware, and many do not hold such things to be important. There is quite a task before those of us who seek to alert, awaken, and enlighten those now upon the earth, who deserve the knowledge that awaits. For why must one live life in unknowing when all that one will one day discover is already available?

Those of us who seek connection do so for the greater good of both the entirety of mankind as well as the individual, for there will be no mass awakening without first individual awakening. I urge all who seek to heed the signs now upon that earth. They are there to guide you. Your acceptance of them as guideposts is an incredible step in the right direction that will lead you forward in your life there, but also bring you deeper into your own knowing and further your evolution.

Begin to open the door to your hidden self, allow your sleeping spirit to lift its head and become active in your life. Allow it access to your outer world and introduce it to the life you now live. With such a step will you begin a new journey, hand in hand with your spirit as companion, and this will lead you where your path truly lies.

Do not be afraid as you begin to awaken. During this time of lull and quiet, for a few days, is there great energy that will assist you in this process. The universe is in alignment for deep introspection, while at the same time is there also energy building that will affect the entire world. Watch for this in your own near world as well as the greater world. Maintain your own inner balance during this time and all times, for your own balance of inner self and outer, ego-self affect your life greatly. You can have good control of the affects of energy on your life simply by maintaining good balance. Remain moderate, calm, and modest even as you must also do the work that you have assigned yourself in that life.

As you maintain your own balance, keeping inner calm, even in times of stress, so do you affect all that is in your nearness. Your families, your acquaintances, and your loved ones are constantly affected by your energy, whether calm or otherwise, even as you are affected by others, for to maintain calmness will spread beyond your own small frame out into the world and have affect. Do not doubt this. Have I not encouraged always this calm balance in all? Have I not stated that the mere act of calm energy emerging from the individual has impact? Can you not imagine the affect this has upon the world around you, and the entire world, as others learn this true fact?

Energy affects everything: your energy, the energy of others, the energy of the country, the world, the universe. The energy of good thought is equally as affective as the energy of bad thought, happiness as affective as sadness, anger as joy. Do not hesitate to begin a process of shifting your own inner attitude to include not only calmness, but also the study of it in your own life. Watch what happens as you begin to shift your inner temperament, as it will affect your outer temperament, and those around you too.

Find your way to beginning, little by little, a process of self-study. Where does your energy go? Where do you tend to spend it the most? Outside of you? Wastefully? Pull that energy back into the self more often and watch how your body responds and how your spirit responds. This is to begin to learn a process of balance that will serve you well as you train.

As you find your own center, whether it be high up in your heart chakra or low in your central chakra heavy in your belly, so can you begin to feel it and place your energy there on a regular basis. Pull in all your energy, your fragments, to your own center and calm it down, until you feel it radiating throughout your body.

Once this center is discovered and connected with many times in training so can you more easily return there in times of stress, and you will begin to notice that as you turn there your energy shifts into calm mode, the mode of balance that you have trained yourself to acknowledge. This is your inner center, your personal place of body and inner spirit balance. Once you have achieved this state inside your body so can you learn what it means to balance that center with your outer self and your outer life.

Does your outer life pull you off center too much? Are there too many things in your life that distract and drag you too far from your inner self too often? If so, are you ready to begin a process of detachment in order to maintain more perfect balance?

In order to become more aware, enlightened, and more alert to the spirit world that is available to you so must you be ready to allow the pulls of that world, that earthly reality to become less important. If you are not quite ready yet, that is fine, for all must live that life to the fullest or there will be consequences. All must discover who they are in that life in order to more fully embrace the idea and the actualization of a new life.

As you discover that you are eager and ready to discover more deeply your inner life so are you ready to detach from many of the aspects of that life on earth, the world around you, that merely distract and do not feed your seeking self. Begin a process of self-evaluation that will allow you to shed that which has become unnecessary, unchallenging, and unfulfilling. Seek instead to focus your energy where you know you must go. Often, this will require daring, for it may be that your spirit wants you to go in a new direction and this may be very challenging. But if so, then it is probably quite right, for the spirit loves to push you, and it loves to challenge you.

Your calm inner knowing, your right-speaking inner voice will let you know the proper steps to take in your detaching process. It may be a slow process or it may be quick. You may need a lot of time discovering what your true path is or you may abruptly be placed directly upon a new path and know it is right for you to take. As you maneuver your way through your daily life stay cognizant at all times of your energy. Remind yourself to regain your balance, your calm innerness, and do not blame yourself if you falter or have difficulty with your stability in life, for all experiences are good and necessary, and all paths, once started upon, are meant to be.

But, as you think about balance in your outer life and your inner life stay also aware of the signs that point out a new direction for you or lead you in your daily decision-making, for these are the signs that will signal your direction and lead you correctly. The ultimate decision remains solely in your hands and this is your ability, at all times, to make a choice, to choose how you will live your life, what next step you will take, and where you will next arrive. Always is there another choice to make as you travel that life. Every day, every moment of every day do you have the opportunity to make a choice, to offer yourself change and the opportunity for new life. All have this aspect, this gift. Do not ever think that people do not have choices that will impact them and their situations greatly. But do they choose to activate this possibility, to actually make a move that will have impact? Many do not, and thus they stay earthbound and stuck in a life that is so out of balance that they do not hear the soft squeals of their sleepy inner spirit as it mumbles in its slumber.

Do you choose, in this time of holiday and wonder, to accept the gift that will offer you the changes that lead to balance and significant growth for you and your inner self? I offer this challenge to those of you who seek the answers to life’s mysteries. I challenge you to begin a process of self-examination, self-acceptance, and self-growth by beginning to investigate your own inner balance and inner calm. Then begin to balance that innerness with your outer self and your outer life, and in this manner will you begin to understand that there are no mysteries, for as you return to your perfect balance so will you become aware that you have access to everything. Stay now focused in creating calm in your life as the season slowly unfolds over the next few days.

Maintain peace in your own life and have affect upon the entire world. Have the courage to believe this and you will have the courage to trust your own journey and your own seeking spirit to lead you correctly. This is good.

Thank you, Jeanne. Do you have any other messages for us today? Yesterday, I thought your messages were rather harsh.

Yes, it was necessary to establish the fact that the situation in the world is dire, that there are far-reaching consequences to even the smallest of actions, and that the build-up of fiery energy does not bode well for the world or the planet. Nor does it bode well for the individual, for the individual is the one who suffers the most. I advocate that all upon that earth learn the processes of inner balance and outer detachment in order to affect the individual life, and in turn affect the world and, ultimately, the fate of the entire planet. For good must become again the mainstream force of energy to combat the negative forces that now seek control. In this manner is there then the possibility that change can happen. Remember always, that all energy affects all other energy. Try this in your own life, your own world, and see what affect your own energy has upon those in your care, or in your life. Are you not aware that your heartfelt love and calmness affect those around you, just as your anger and your excitement do as well? If this is proven in your own world begin to understand that this is so worldwide. Thought affects thought. Energy affects energy. Offer yourself this gift of new life practice, now, during this season. I give it to you from infinity!